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Job Requisition

The word “requisition” means request. Therefore, a job requisition is a formal document that company managers or supervisors use to request to hire a new employee. It serves as the formal request for the new position. The document outlines the requirements of a company or an organization and the budget to make the new hire. When one issues these forms, then it could mean that an employee has left and that the position must be filled in, or there is a need for a new position to handle certain responsibilities that will benefit the business.

What does a Job requisition include?

Job requisitions generally include the following items :

  • Job title
  • Hiring Manager’s name
  • Indication of whether the job contract based on permanent
  • Salary range
  • Hourly rate
  • Start date
  • Indication of whether the hire is a new hire
  • Indication of whether the hire is a replacement
  • indication of whether the hire is a relocation
  • Reasoning for making a new hire
  • Budgeting for role
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