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Hiring Manager

A Hiring Manager is a person who supervises the hiring process and is responsible to fulfill open job positions. He alone does not work towards recruitments but has a team to lead and supervise. Hiring managers coordinate with the HR team during the hiring process and manages the interviews and selections. Following are the responsibilities of the Hiring Manager:

  • Identifying recruitment for open job positions.
  • Planning the strategies to hire fresh talent for the company.
  • Allocating roles and responsibilities to the hiring team.
  • Creating an attractive job description for job seekers.
  • Posting job opportunities and reviewing the updates.
  • Defining details of the job position.
  • Setting interview-related expectations.
  • Scheduling interviews and evaluating the candidate post-interview.
  • Notifying the recruiter if the position is filled.
  • Writing job offers and discussing employee contract details with the employee.
  • Making the final hiring decision after the necessary approvals.
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