Tackling Unconscious Bias at Workplace
Bhagyashree | Nov 25, 2022

Unconscious biases have a significant role in the entirety of our decisions despite how difficult it can be to acknowledge this Prejudice towards a particular race religion gender identity and so on may exist in our minds  The issue is that these prejudices have a nasty habit of showing up in wa

Future of HR: Why 2023 is the Best Time to Enter the People Profession
Ahmed ZD | Nov 18, 2022

HR professionals need to walk with a swagger Leena Nair  This is one of the first statements made by Leena Nair the illustrious Indianborn executive who went on to become the first Asian to head Chanel the reputed French fashion company Born and brought up in India Leena chose to study Human Reso

The Ultimate Guide to Leave Management
Dr. Nishat Afzal | Nov 16, 2022

India is listed amongst the top countries having the most vacationdeprived employees  Do your employees account for these stats   What does this say about your companys leave management policy   Where are you going wrong with it  For most companies employee leave is an afterthought

Keka Secures India’s Largest Series A SaaS funding with $57 Million
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 08, 2022

After a continuous stream of successes while staying bootstrapped Keka has finally secured funding as it embarks on a new journey The company secured a historic $ million from WestBridge Capital making it Indias largest Series A SaaS funding   Launched in by Vijay Yalamanchili Keka chal

Code of Ethics: How Relevant are They in Today’s Business Operations
Bhagyashree | Aug 23, 2022

The companys code of ethics outlines its core values that the organization adheres to in its business operations  It deep dives into the principles that guide their actions and touches upon issues such as harassment safety and conflicts of interest This code is often considered an ethical code o

What is Employee Satisfaction and How do You Measure it?
Bhagyashree | Aug 08, 2022

In a perfect world all organizations expect their employees to be excited to come to work every day Engaged and eager to succeed in their roles with a positive attitude   Unfortunately that is not the case in the real world For example Friday rangoli competition doesnt keep employees satisfie

The Five Stages of Team Development and Its Importance
Bhagyashree | Aug 05, 2022

The psychology has offered us a lot in the past and will continue to offer in the future Popular psychologists have understood the behaviour of beings and provided theories that can make the world a better place to live One such theory was developed by Bruce Tuckman in regarding team development

Employee Wellness Programs: Tips, Ideas and Example
Bhagyashree | Aug 04, 2022

We Live In Good Times You Know Why   Because people are finally talking about issues openly that have gone unnoticed or ignored for decades Mental health is one such topic that is finally getting the attention it deserves A lot of influential people including powerful leaders and celebrities ha

Current and Future Trends in Remote Work for 2022-2025
Bhagyashree | Aug 03, 2022

Many of us expected the world to return to normalcy at the start of Vaccines were beginning to be distributed and many executives believed that we would all be back at work in a matter of months   However was more volatile than anticipated with the advent of new Covid variants a massive war f

How to Write a Great Job Description- Top tips
Dr. Nishat Afzal | Jul 19, 2022

You are just back from a big meeting The company has figured out what it needs to get bigger Hire enough skilled professionals You have been given a huge responsibility Sitting at your desk you try to figure out how to solve this problem You have an idea of what the job entails And posting job adver

An Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Work Model
Dr. Nishat Afzal | Jul 19, 2022

By the end of % of the global knowledge workforce will choose their home as the primary workplace and % of the workforce will be working from home two to three days every week Some employees are thrilled at the idea Others not so much  What does this say about your future plans as an employer W

All about Hiring Tools – Introduction, Types, and Advantages
Balaji Sogathur | Jul 14, 2022

Its tricky to find talent that suits your requirements skillset and also is a great fit for your company  If you are still stuck with manual processes you will be spending more time sifting through resumes instead of analyzing them   When youre dealing with a tough job of recruiting the right t

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