Top 10 Traits Every HR Leader Should Develop
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 10, 2019

Being a successful HR leader is no joke It requires years of dedication to human service unlimited passion towards making a change and relentless effort for growth

“Seeking and sharing feedback” — In general, we do! At work?
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 02, 2019

How long has it been since youve received or given feedback to someone at work When is the last time you have had an open discussion with your subordinates on how they were performing and how they could improve months ago

8 Shocking Performance Management Statistics
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 31, 2018

Are you thinking about revamping your performance management process Moving out of a familiar area might seem risky but sticking to it can end up hurting your employees and business even more!

Here’s What Employees Want From Performance Management Processes
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 31, 2018

Performance management processes are taking a new shape in organizations The traditional once in a year review process has become much more detailed with regular checkins feedback and degree reviews  While it is important to help performance management processes evolve

5 Ways to Make Employee Feedback Matter
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 28, 2018

The expectations of the modern workforce do not match what organizations have been offering for decades now For starters they do not prefer waiting twelve months to know how they have been doing

Collaboration is the Most Needed Workplace Element
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 26, 2018

Imagine the following situation There is a new product launch next month and you just come back from a meeting for it Goals have been assigned deadlines have been set and everything needs to get

How to Get Employee Engagement Right
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 18, 2018

A staggering percent of employees worldwide are still not engaged Businesses spend thousands of dollars on employee engagement initiatives Yet these numbers scream out the slow progress towards attaining an engaged workforce

6 Mistakes That Make Best Employees Quit
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 17, 2018

Employee turnover is a major problem that organizations face It takes a lot to find a good hire coach and train them to become the professional only to see them leave And the cost of filling up for the employee is huge

Ignoring your Best Employees Could Cost You
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 15, 2018

Being a high performer does not the mean the employee is engaged Perhaps this is why the rate of turnover among high performing employees who are actively disengaged is quite similar to low performing employees who are disengaged

10 Ways To Maneuver Millennials at Work
Keka Editorial Team | Dec 12, 2018

Millennials (also known as Generation Z) in India make more than th ( million) of the total worlds millennial population They make the worlds most powerful consumer group

How Good are You at Giving Feedback?
Keka Editorial Team | Nov 26, 2018

I recently read an article on Ubers new approach to performance reviews where Ubers SVP of Leadership and Strategy Frances Frei discusses a very important thing about employee feedback

Advantages of a 360-Degree Performance Review Process
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 26, 2018

Feedback is one of the most important elements for growth in any field But it can only work if it is done right The process of giving and taking feedback often fails when not handled effectively

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