8 Sure Shot Ways to Increase Employee Motivation
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 24, 2019

Employee motivation is critical because it directly or indirectly affects quality of work performance and engagement levels Traditional approaches have failed to look at these parameters

Ignoring These Talent Management Stats Could Cost You
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 20, 2019

Almost every other company is looking for ways to improve their talent management strategies Talent management in itself is a broad category A lot of areas get covered under this wide umbrella

10 Ways to Bring the Best Out of Your Employees
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 20, 2019

One must agree that being a manager is not an easy thing While that does not imply that it stops you from making your employees happy Everything seems going well when seeing through the glass of your room

4 Elements That Deeply Affect Employee Performance
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 15, 2019

In the last post we spoke about how culture can singlehandedly make or break engagement levels in organizations But how does culture really impact the one things managers really care about employee performance

The Number One Reason Affecting Employee Engagement
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 13, 2019

Its and leaders are facing a critical loyalty crisis in their organizations Employee engagement has still not been done right in most cases and rates are at their lowest

Why Am I Here? Is a Question Your Employees Might be Asking
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 11, 2019

The world of business is now obsessed with finding ways to develop a more productive workforce This is because productivity directly translates into revenues But when it comes to employee productivity one issue that goes completely out of the discussion relates

Work-life Balance and Employee Engagement – Is There a Link?
Keka Editorial Team | Mar 04, 2019

Being busy is in these days Working past normal hours and getting work home is extremely normal Not being busy is a rare phenomenon However is working for more than hours actually a good thing The answer is no

Innovate or Die – The New Rule to Engage Gen Z
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 28, 2019

Its official Gen Z has entered the workforce And they are stealing the thunder from the millennials by displaying an entirely new set of behaviors and expectations This is a generation born after who have just started their s Organizations take note or else they will wipe you off

Top 5 Tips for Leaders to Reinvent Human Resources
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 26, 2019

The last five years has probably seen the maximum relative disruption in the HR market than ever before From being viewed as a rather administrative division of a company HR today is viewed as a strategic partner in a business

Two Habits That You Must Blend Into Your Workplace Culture
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 15, 2019

The biggest reasons for motivation at work are recognition appreciation and validation Without these three elements employees are bound to quit sooner than you can imagine Focusing too much on strategy and not so much

Help Your Employees Set Better Goals With These Tips
Keka Editorial Team | Feb 11, 2019

Without goals we are all lost To achieve any form of success or achievement we always have to strategize how we are going to get there with step by step planning

How to Ace Expectation Management in the Workplace
Keka Editorial Team | Jan 31, 2019

Performance reviews are not just an indicator of an employees actions over the year It also gives a view of how well the manager and organization as a whole have fared in their actions

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