How to design a Leave Policy for SME

When It Comes To Designing A Leave Policy It Is Observed That A Lot Of HR ManagersExecutives Often Design policies based on their experience in the past organizations and often times quite disconnected from what is relevant to their current organization We set out to write down a few guidelin

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talent managemet strategy
Top 5 Talent Management Strategies

The Goal Of Any Business Is To Drive Optimal Results And Talent Is What Can Help Companies Achieve This   One effective way for organizations to succeed in the hyper competitive and increasingly global economy is by hiring the best of talent developing them to help them achieve the

8 min read
5 Ultimate employee retention strategies you should follow
5 Ultimate Employee Retention Strategies You Should Follow

What If Your Key Employee Decides To Leave The Organization At The Crucial Stage Of Your Business The consequences are definitely going to cost you more than what you think It is utterly difficult to find another potential employee in this competitive business era You will need to develop ret

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hr policy
HR Policies: Break rules for your exceptional talent

Why To Break HR Policies   Every organization has a small set of employees who are exceptional and always deliver exceptional value from their hard work and their creative capabilities These creative minds often require certain degree of freedom and flexibility at work to give thei

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Succession Planning
What is Succession planning process?

Do You Know That Only % Of The Companies Admit That Their Succession Planning Process Is Outstanding   And more than % of the companies bluntly admit that their succession planning process is fair or even worse Fundamentally succession planning is a conscious decision by an orga

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How to fit Organizational Development in HR roles

During Our Talks With Fellow HR Folks We Often Come Across The Term Organizational Development but we had difficulties understanding what Organizational Development was and to what extent does it relate to HR responsibilities What Is Organizational Development To start off Organizational deve

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Smart ways for SMEs to handle HR activities
Smart ways for SMEs to handle HR activities

What Are The Troubles Small and Medium size business are usually more focused on the growth aspect of the company and thereby the emphasis is laid on the Development and Sales Next comes the Marketing and Finance while HR comes at the last This works well till everything is merry hip and happeni

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