The Significance of Careers of the 21st Century
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 25, 2018

Times have drastically changed What defined a career a decade ago is obsolete today The st century is developing with the backdrop of rapidly advancing technologies and innovative businesses

The Significance of One-On-One Meetings
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 17, 2018

When people are financially invested they want a return When people are emotionally invested they want to contribute Simon Sinek

4 Companies That Have Solved the Culture Puzzle
Keka Editorial Team | Oct 11, 2018

Up until a decade ago company culture was a term mostly discussed behind closed conference doors by HR leaders The game has massively changed today as culture reigns among the top indicators of employee performance and organizational growth

Adopting Corporate Well being Programs is Now a Strategic Priority
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 30, 2018

When was the first time you actually heard of the term mindfulness Even if you did know about the term since when have you actually seen it take the shape and form that it has taken today

Why Your Business Should Give Regular Employee Performance Reviews
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 26, 2018

Performance Reviews Are Important No Matter How Small Or New Your Company Is Providing employees with regular feedback is key to maintaining engagement high productivity levels and retaining top talent Thats  why you should start early when considering ways to implement performance reviews Whether

5 Signs You Have a Great Boss
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 24, 2018

There is a scene in the famous television show Friends where the famous six are sitting at Central Perk agreeing to the fact that how each of their bosses hates them It is in that scene where Ross says Maybe it is a universal thing

5 Ways Cloud-Based Systems Can Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage
Keka Editorial Team | Sep 14, 2018

Many companies are falling behind in technology due to the rapid pace of new developments Software updates are a must when seeking that extra edge against competitors Upgrading your systems to the latest software can also

6 Ways to Infuse Engagement into your Company Culture
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 31, 2018

Companies spend over $ million each year on employee engagement initiatives Organizations have realized the direct correlation between a highly engaged workforce and successful businesses

The Transformation Of Businesses to Social Enterprises
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 27, 2018

Up until a decade or two ago the way to measure the success of a company was on the basis of traditional metrics such as financial performance or the quality of products and services

Why your Employees Aren’t Performing Well
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 09, 2018

Employee performance issues are real and they need careful analysis before managers and leaders jump into giving numbers to these intangible concepts

3 Indispensable Elements of an Effective Performance Management System
Keka Editorial Team | Aug 08, 2018

Despite so many tools available to change the way ineffective systems of performance management works there are seldom good things said or experienced about them Everyone has a performance review once or twice a year but rarely would anyone go out of their way to mention how positive the whole exper

6 Tell-Tale Signs of an Actively Disengaged Employee
Keka Editorial Team | Jul 30, 2018

The term employee engagement isnt binary Gallup has divided it into three distinct categories engaged not engaged and actively disengaged Understanding the difference between these is necessary as each kind of employee represents different levels of scope for organizations to tackle disengagement

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