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7 Must Have Workplace Policies For Organization Growth

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Workplace policies are a set of rules that govern your behaviour at work. These policies ensure that we work in a healthy, productive and lawful environment. Tampering these policies may affect your productivity as an individual and can even extent to your team and the company as a whole.

Any such conflicts will be dealt by the HR as laid down by the policies and the senior management if required. Workplace policies explained in this article are applicable to everyone in the company, across hierarchy to all employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors and stakeholders alike.

Workplace Policies Cover:

Attendance And Working Hours Policy

The company operates between (time) and (time) hours from Monday to Friday. You are given the liberty to come to work at anytime between (time) and (time) hours depending on your team’s needs.

Your attendance will be recorded based on

  1. When you swipe your identity card to enter the company premises or
  2. Manually mark yourself present at the biometric attendance recording machine or
  3. Login to your work computer

In cases of extra workload or departmental needs, you may have to work late or overtime.

You may have to follow a shift schedule in such cases. You will be adequately compensated for it (Transport, Meals and Overtime Wages).

You are expected to be punctual and follow their schedules. We can make exceptions under circumstances that prevent employees from following the standard working hours or days.

Remote Work Policy

Remote work situations may arise when you are expected to operate from a location other than the company’s office premises. We ensure that both; the company as well as the employee benefit from this arrangement.

A remote work policy may be invoked if you are:

  1. A new parent or
  2. Suffering from long term or short term disability or
  3. Permanently relocated

The grant to work remotely for temporary or permanent durations is at the discretion of the HR provided you have completed a minimum of (number of years) years at the organization. Exceptions may be considered.

To ensure that the quality of work is not compromised while working remotely, we advise you to:

  1. Choose a distraction free working space.
  2. Adhere to the schedules agreed upon.
  3. Have the necessary resources i.e. internet, laptop, printer, etc accessible.
  4. Strictly refrain from any data violation.
  5. Not abuse any of the company’s resources for personal purposes.

Besides, all other employee policies would be applicable unless otherwise mentioned.

At the company’s discretion, you may be reimbursed for or provided with internet connection, laptop, printer and other resources and equipments.

Work From Home Policy

Work from home or telecommute can only be allowed if your job role allows. You may wish to work from home occasionally in cases of some other personal commitments or even permanently in case you relocate.

Work from home may be allowed for reasons such as parenting, distance from the office, medical reasons and emergencies, relocation or bad weather. Other reasons depend on the employee’s and management’s judgment.

Work from home may be allowed if the alternative location doesn’t hamper the employee’s quality of work and has any threats of data violation.

Employees may apply for work from home to their HR and Departmental Manager at least (number of days) Days in advance through an email or the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) unless an emergency.

Employees are expected to manage any time zone differences as compatible with the rest of the team.

Shared Work Space Policy

In certain conditions you may have to share your workspace with other companies. In such cases, it is of utmost importance that mutual respect is maintained and you act professionally at all times.

Issues such as music, lighting, temperature, use of shared resources such as conference rooms or photocopy machines may become contentious if not handled with mutual consideration. Thus, it is advised that you discuss and attain mutually agreeable settings.

Any such desks at a common space should have any personalization (photos, notes, etc) at a bare minimum.

Meeting Visitors Policy

Any workplace visitors for business (customers, contractors, external vendors, stakeholders and the public) as well as personal (employee’s friends and family) are required to:

  1. Obtain a visitor’s pass at the entrance gate/ reception and return them during exit or
  2. Sign the visitor’s book with an identity proof at the entrance gate/ reception.

Any vendors or service providers are requested to leave once their purpose is complete.

Employees are expected to attend their guests at all times inside the campus. They may use the internet and other resources while within the premises. However, they may not record or photograph during their visit.

Employees are not allowed to bring their personal visitors in the workspace.

Visitors visiting beyond the working hours need written permission from the HR/ Management.

Anti-Harassment And Violence Policy

To ensure the safety and well being of all our employees is our priority. Our anti-harassment and violence policy lays out the accepted decorum and guides how to report any violation.

Sexual Harassment is any behavior characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances. Any kind of action from mild transgressions to sexual abuse or sexual assault will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, those who overlook any such sexual harassment are as much at fault as the offender.

Violence in any form, verbal or non-verbal will not be tolerated. Violent behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Intimidating or bullying others
  • Abusive language
  • Physical assault
  • Threatening behavior
  • Concealing or using a weapon

To complain about any such kind of behavior, call an urgent meeting with the HR or email and send a complaint.

The HR will conduct a thorough investigation and may call upon witnesses if required.

The HR may at their discretion take any suitable action including criminal charges to punish such offenders.

In cases such cases are reported to the police, the company will provide full support (CCTV Footage, etc.) until the matter is resolved.

All support will be provided to the victim to overcome the trauma.

Pets In The Workplace Policy

Employees who own pets can choose to bring them to their workplace (In case of rental premises, permission has been taken from the owner).

You need to make sure that your pets are well trained and not potentially unpleasant or dangerous.

Before bringing your pet to the office premise,

  1. Inform HR that your pet is adequately trained
  2. Present current documentation of insurance policy that covers your pets
  3. Provide proof that your pets are clean, properly vaccinated, healthy and free of parasites
  4. Ensure your pet will not cause allergies or other medical problems for their coworkers
  5. Sign waivers that state your pets information and your responsibility towards them

It is your responsibility to inform your pet’s presence preferably with a sign. Potentially larger breeds should be kept on a leash or within your personal office space.

Pets should not:

  1. Make a mess
  2. Fight with other pets
  3. Wander in prohibited areas (as mentioned below)
  4. Endanger themselves or others
  5. Damage company or employee property
  6. Annoy coworkers (e.g. barking constantly)

Any such action will invoke HR intervention.

Care should be taken that you do not end up spending excessive time in overseeing your pets that your work is compromised.

Areas where pets are prohibited: {mention list of prohibited areas for pets in your office}

In case of any complain against any pet or cruelty towards any pet, reach out to the pet owner or write to the HR.

Additionally, you may not feed someone else’s pet without authorization.

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