A recent survey revealed that 1 billion hours of YouTube content are watched per day around the world. But what makes video content so popular? That’s because video content is engaging, they can be watched on-the-go, and can be easily shared. In short, video content is dominating the social media feed and soon it will take over the recruitment space as well.

With the war of talent being at an all-time high among organizations, recruiters are not leaving any stone unturned to attract the top talent. Did you know that CareerBuilder found that the job postings that had video content saw a 34% greater application rate? If you have not given a thought to making a recruitment video for your business, it is about time to get started.

With the entire world moving to the new normal of social distancing and remote working in the post-pandemic world, recruitment videos can be your best bait for hiring the right talent.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Recruitment Video

Work On A Storyline

Videos with compelling storytelling hook your audience. The same holds for a recruitment video as well. Before anything else, start working on a storyline for your video. Ensure you cover all the essential topics you want to showcase. Keep it short, engaging, and fun.

Answer The Right Questions

Your potential candidates may have a lot of questions in their mind. Think about those questions and address them through your recruitment video. The more you can get down to the point, the better it would be for both of you to assess the mutual fit.

Show Them Around

The biggest advantage of having a recruitment video is to show around your office location to the viewers. Whether you are hiring a remote employee or you are going for college recruiting, a recruitment video is a great tool to give a feel of your office premises.

Get Down To The Basics

Apart from showing your work premises, candidates also want to know how it is working at your organization. So, address it in your recruitment video. Talk about your work culture and how your employees feel about it. Get “bytes” from employees and showcase them on your recruitment video.

Include People Across Functions

A recruitment video should feature employees from across job functions. So, don’t limit it to just the CEO, but get people across functions to talk in the video. Share their job roles or functions as well in the video to help the candidates relate well. Ask your existing employees to talk about “why they feel motivated to come to work every day” or “one of the most memorable experiences at work” that a potential candidate can relate to.

Authenticity Is The Key

Your recruitment video should be genuine. It should look like people are talking out their heart and not saying just some scripted lines. Although your employees need to be mindful of what they speak, a written script shouldn’t be a part of your recruitment video. You may want to share a guideline and brief them verbally but stay away from giving them a scripted dialogue.

Have A Call To Action

End your recruitment video with a strong call to action. Remember the purpose of creating the recruitment video in the first place. If someone is sitting and watching your recruitment video, it is likely that the person would be interested to learn more about your organization or even want to apply for a job. So, redirect them to your company’s career section or landing page to take further action.

Promote Them!

Finally, promote your videos once you have it ready. Put it up across your communication channels including your career page and social media channels.

Sample Recruitment Videos

Here is an example of an excellent recruitment video from Google. It showcases what Google is known for — cutting edge technology and continuous learning opportunities. The theme of the video is – work hard, play hard. Take a look here:

Here is another recruitment video from Shopify that truly demonstrates how much they value employee experience.

Quick tips

  1. You can record your recruitment video in-house or you can take the help of professionals. Irrespective of your choice, remember to shoot your video in bright lights because that makes a huge difference in how the end video will look like.
  2. Take care of the sound, record in a place where there is a minimum disturbance or external noise.
  3. Have a consistent background while recording an employee testimonial.

A good recruitment video can help you show ‘them’ what you have got to offer. You can take different approaches to build your recruitment video – it could be fun and quirky or traditional – however, the bottom line remains the same – you need to showcase your true work culture.