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Keka Hire – The Solution To Complex Recruitment Challenges

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Hiring and recruitment have already spiked across several industries, and businesses are finetuning their existing processes searching for the best talent. Re-wiring themselves is a good strategic move but to hire top tier talent and a mass number of candidates, a hiring solution is crucial. It will jumpstart the progress while lowering the manual effort. Keka Hire puts HRs ahead in the recruitment game and helps them carve beautiful candidate journeys. 

Since its beginning, Keka Hire has matured so much as a product that people find it intriguing and intuitive in a market of clunky and complex products. Feedback keeps Keka Hire evolving as it heavily relies on customer feedback and requests to put out the most valuable and productive features.  

What makes Keka so reliable? 

Promotion of jobs can be daunting for recruiters who have to skim through different portals and manually keep track of the applicants. Any minor error in the details can hamper the sourcing process and hurt the candidate experience. For large organizations, the cost and time are unimaginable. That’s where Keka does the heavy lifting. It pushes the job openings directly to your desired job portals. In case of any error, details can be rectified, so nothing goes in vain.   

Whether it’s a large MNC or a growing startup, creating talent pools out of the existing database can aid in identifying the best candidates and cut down costs by a huge margin. Unfortunately, most organizations fail to utilize the candidate database effectively, wherein they miss out on their potential employees. Also, talent shapes itself with the ever-changing business landscape, so keeping up with skill demands and finding people with the right skillset becomes paramount to recruiters. Keka’s accessible database can help search the talent with parameters such as their names, contact details and facilitates advanced search using “skills”.   

Every company loves analytics, starting from their CEO to a recruiting person, analytics help in simplifying large and complex sets of data. In recruitment, understanding the change in trends is crucial to the company’s strategic planning and identifying gaps in hiring processes. Failure to grasp job performance all the time will blind the recruiter’s foresight. Keka ensures everyone in the team stays on the same page with analytics. It gives bird’s eye view of each candidate’s progress, job posting performance, channels used, interviews stats and so on.    

Every recruiter has a growing candidate database to receive applications and details through different mediums (social networks and job boards). To create a narrow talent pipeline, recruiters have to be accurate when evaluating resumes. A slight mistake can cost one or more valuable candidates, damaging the brand reputation for more prominent companies in the long term. Extract details of the candidate from the resumes with 99% accuracy through Keka’s resume parser. It helps the recruiting teams to cut through the noise and shortlist the suitable candidates quickly and effectively. All the extracted information is fed to the database so recruiters can search and find them.   

The pre-boarding period is vital to companies as they’ll have to keep candidates engaged, especially for startups where things are a barely streamlined. Candidates will look elsewhere if they’re not appropriately engaged, which is a severe loss of effort and time put by recruiters. Keka’s mobile candidate portal will allow recruiters to personalize communication, share resources and upcoming projects to keep candidates excited till they join.   

Creating from scratch and inter-department approvals delay the offer letter roll out, which can affect candidate experience. Keka Hire accelerates the offer process by allowing you to access various offer letter templates depending on the role, which can be edited as per a recruiter’s need. The platform also comes with the HRMS integration, enabling recruiters to create accurate salary break-ups with a single click. In addition, the offer letters can be quickly shared with department managers and leadership to get approvals over the platform.   

Companies like yours need a competitive advantage to march forward, and Keka helps you get that from within. Keka Hire stands out from other platforms by enabling internal teams to communicate and collaborate to make the hiring process smooth and successful. Sounds interesting? Take a tour of Keka Hire today.


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