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Probation Period

A probation period is the trial period for a newly hired employee. It is a defined time as per the company’s policy under which an employee is not considered as a permanent employee and is exempt from certain contractual items. An employee under the probation period does not receive paid leaves and other benefits of a permanent employee.

The probation period allows both employer and employee to understand each other and it buys a good time for an employee to prove his/her skills. Typically probation period lasts for three months, six months, or a year in various organizations. It is a fixed period decided by the employer and an employee under this period can let go without the standard notice period if found unsuitable for the job profile. 

Things to do during the Probation period

  • Concentrate on learning
  • Attention to detail is important
  • Try completing work on time
  • Have a focused approach
  • Be friendly with the colleagues
  • Taking initiatives
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