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What is an HR Chatbot?

HR Chatbots are software systems interacting with humans (mostly employees and candidates) through natural language. They are crucial in supporting HR functions such as recruitment and selection, onboarding and training, and enhancing employee engagement within an organization.

Organizations are increasingly adopting chatbots to improve HR efficiency. However, there is limited clarity regarding their role in reshaping the future work landscape.

What are the best use cases for HR Chatbot?

The use of HR Chatbots in regular HR processes has recently seen a surge, in notable cases in tech giants. Here are a few use cases:

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Chatbots assist candidates during recruitment process by providing answers to queries before they apply for open positions, enhancing the organization’s brand image. They offer valuable insights into open positions, specific skills, and aligning work styles and personalities with the new office environment.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Chatbots assist organizations in enhancing the overall candidate experience during the recruitment process. One example is IBM’s Watson Candidate Assignment (WCA), an HR Chatbot that personalizes the application process and engages potential candidates through interactive video sessions. This resulted in a 36% increase in conversion rates, a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS), and a significant reduction in time-to-hire.

Personalized Learning Plans

HR Chatbots help in designing personalized learning programs for employees, based on their current skills and career trajectory. One instance is of a platform developed by IBM – Your Learning, which deploys an HR chatbot to personalize the learning courses, preparing employees for sought-after roles by constantly upgrading their skill sets. The chatbot operates around the clock, answering questions and accelerating learning.

Serving Employees 24/7

HR chatbots guide employees through various HR policies and procedures like benefits management, performance reviews, and compensation planning. Their quick and personalized responses are accessible 24/7, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic alignment while ensuring continuous employee support.

What are the benefits of an HR Chatbot?

While the HR Chatbot use cases clarify the various benefits they offer, the key advantages of HR Chatbots are:

  • Companies using HR chatbots in the early stages of resume parsing witnessed a 71% decline in the total cost per hire.
  • Chatbots increase employee retention by 43%, serving as an anonymous messenger between HR and employees, gathering real-time feedback on policies and work culture.
  • They reduce the average resolution time from 38 hours to just 5 minutes by answering questions 24 hours daily without any sick leave.
  • HR chatbots help eliminate unconscious recruiters’ bias by efficiently conducting initial interviews.
  • They contribute to measuring employee engagement scores and identifying potential challenges through routine pulse surveys, reducing overall attrition levels.

What are some examples of HR chatbots?

A few examples of HR Chatbots used in India are:

Engazify: An HR Chatbot specializing in performance management by facilitating real-time employee feedback and appreciation within the organization.

Amber: Chatbot developed by ‘InFeedo’, a Gurgaon-based startup, to identify unhappy and disengaged employees in organizations.

PhenomChatbot: It assists candidates in job hunting by answering their questions on registered companies and providing personalized job recommendations. It aids in resume parsing, initial screening, interview scheduling and guiding candidates throughout the recruitment and selection.

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