Manage employee compensation with ease

Keka helps you manage and plan your compensation strategies so your employees are always paid fair and competitively. Accurately manage your employee salary revisions and never err on what matters most to employes.

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Salary revisions

Keep track of revision cycles and revise salary anytime

Keka gives your visibility of all pending salary revisions. Should you need to revise a salary in advance, Keka lets you schedule a revision in future too. And when you missed to revise a salary, Keka payroll takes care of the arrears for delayed revisions

Revise Salary independently with ease, Keka HR Payroll Software
Optimized salaries

Customize salary structures for best take home salary

Keka provides you optimized salary templates that you can readily use. You can also customize the templates for all salary ranges and senior executives or the floor teams.

Custom Salary Structure. Keka HR Payroll Software.
Gain insights

Compensation analytics and Compa ratio

Keka provides rich compensation analytics that can help you in your compensation planning. You can further gain insights on the pay distributions among genders, departments etc.

Insights on Salary and Compensation. Keka HR Payroll Software

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Ravi Gunti, CEO | Founder

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Nishani Talwarkar

HR Manager

Compensation Analytics

Forecasting by Salary cost

Employee salaries are biggest expenses for most businesses. Keka Payroll helps you plan your cash flows and show you changes in actuals from the planned salaries.

Compensation Analytics and estimates, help you plan out for future. Keka HR Payroll SOftware
Budget planning

Plan and budget you new hires to align with your strategy

Keka payroll software helps you budget various job role hiring and give you a project of the employee costs.

Plan Budget with new hires. Keka HR Payroll Software
Compa Ratio

Measuring employees competitiveness in terms of compensation

Most enterprises would like to have a fair pay practices, but lack tools to measure pay vs performance. Keka compensation software allows you to track performance of employees vs pay comparison to ensure your high performance employees are not underpaid

Compensation planning for measuring the employee competitiveness correctly. Keka HR Payroll Software
Salary timeline

See all the history of salary revisions of an employee

XXX Biometric devices abruptly disconnect from network for various reasons. Keka is the only cloud attendance system that gracefully handles device failures and proactively alerts the IT Admins. Keka gracefully recovers all your past offline logs from the attendance device and restores synchronization. We have customers located in rural areas, hilly terrains and north east Indian states successfully using our software without issues.

History or Salary revision and flow across tax slabs available. Keka HR Payroll Software