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Employee Turnover Rate

Employee turnover rate refers to the number or percentage of workers who leave an organization and are replaced by new employees. Employee turnover is a serious problem in many companies or organizations all over the world. It is a global phenomenon.

Types of Employee Turnover

  • Voluntary Turnover

Voluntary Turnover occurs when employees willingly choose to vacate their positions. Employees might choose to do this if they are dissatisfied with their position, have accepted a better job offer, or want a career change.

  • Involuntary Turnover

Involuntary Turnover occurs when an employee is terminated from a position. Employees may be let go for a wide range of reasons, including unsatisfactory job performance or inappropriate behavior.

  • Desirable Turnover

Desirable Turnover occurs when an organization fires or loses underperforming employees and replaces them with new hires.

  • Undesirable Turnover

Undesirable Turnover occurs when an organization loses its top-performing employees.

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