Employee Loan Management System

Helping employees in need is no more an administrative hassle

Employees are extremely loyal to the organizations that help them in their times of need. Keka helps you streamline this process and make it easy for your employees and HR, Finance teams too.

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Configurable Loan Policies

Setup loan policies and eligibility criteria

Setup loan eligibility criteria based on the salary of an employee and duration of employment with the organization. Keka lets you configure the loan eligibility to suit your organization needs.

Setup Loan policy for internal employees

Loan management

Easy loan tracking and EMI management

Right from the disbursement of the loan to the recovery of EMIs, Keka payroll software helps you easily track and administer the loans and EMI management.

Track employee loan payment and EMIs easily

Employee loans

Apply interest rates - simple or compound or zero interest

Configure interest rates once and let Keka do all the math for you. You can change the interest rate calculations anytime during the loan tenure.

Apply interest rates according to organisation policy for employee loan
A lot of our employees take advantage of our salary advance program. Keka made it much easier
BrittoFranklin Head of People Department
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A lot of our employees take advantage of our salary advance program. Keka made it much easier



Head of People Department

EMI Management

Pause or adjust EMI deductions

Employees have pressing needs at times and would like to have a pause on their EMI payments for a month or two. Keka allows you to manage it all with a simple click of buttons!

Manage EMI of employees who have taken loans from company
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Start growing with Keka today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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