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Employee centric payroll that saves taxes with no complex jargon

Most employees do not understand tax saving jargon. Keka payroll software has been designed to make the whole Tax Declaration section easiest and most useful for all employees.

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Salary history

A timeline of all salary revisions with a breakup of components

Keka provides an easy view of all employee salary revisions that keeps track of all your variable performance bonuses too. In addition, Keka helps record any additional notes against these revisions.

Salary Revision views and Break up of components in a very simplified view

Income tax computation

Keka clears all income tax queries of your employees

Most queries that your finance team receives are about income tax calculation. Keka helps clear these questions for your employees by providing a detailed breakup of income tax calculations of the past months and projections for future months.

Income Tax computation for your employees

Tax declarations

Tax declarations made easy with no complex jargon

Keka allows an employee to declare tax declarations and upload their proof documents in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Employees can scan and upload from their mobile app too.

Taxable Amount and Current Declaration in a very user friendly interface.
Divya Singh
Transparent and easy to use, Keka is the solution to all the old and tedious methods of managing HR and finance.
Divya Singh Senior HR Coordinator | Splash
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Transparent and easy to use, Keka is the solution to all the old and tedious methods of managing HR and finance.

Divya Singh

Divya Singh

Senior HR Coordinator | Splash

Expenses & Reimbursements

Scan, upload, and track all reimbursements

Employees can scan and upload their receipts using their mobile app and claim their expenses as well as reimbursement allowance payments. Keka helps them keep track of all pending payments and approvals all in one place.

Scan and Upload reimbursements with ease

Mobile App

All the payroll information available any time anywhere

Keka mobile app allows an employee to view all their financial information. It includes tracking, expenses, income tax calculation, tax declarations and uploads, pay slips.

Get all your salary related information on your Mobile Application
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Start growing with Keka today

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a growth engine for your employees has never been easier.

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