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Hartex Rubber Proves HR in Manufacturing is better processed on Cloud!

Hartex is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality bicycle tires and tubes for more than 40 years now. As a growing organization, they knew the only way forward to evolve their HR processes was through automation. To unlock the full potential of employees, Hartex collaborated with Keka HRMS for higher productivity, smarter processes, and better payroll management.

Y Sudheer Kumar

Senior General Manager

You made our lives so easy. A centralized system to manage all our people operations was just what we needed. But unlike our previous system that crashed, Keka's integrated payroll helped us to correctly process our payroll and rebuild trust with our employees.

The big impact

The team effort between Hartex and Keka paid off in a big way. The results: 

  • Attendance to salary credit automation eliminated the need for manual intervention. 
  • Employee policies became transparent, and so did their execution. 
  • Seamless integration of Hartex’s inhouse accounting app into Keka Payroll software for error-free operation. 
  • Hartex extended the Performance Management module to include its blue-collar workforce as well. 




Kolkata, India



Whose idea was it to automate HR?

The CEO suggested the HR Manager

Time taken for decision

45 days

What do you do now with the saved time?

Spend more time to plan for organization's growth

Download detailed case study
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