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5 Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate

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“I Am Convinced That Nothing We Do Is More Important Than Hiring And Developing People. At The End Of The Day, You Bet On People, Not On Strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy

Irrespective of the industry and the business you’re in, it is your people who make what your company stands for.  Hence you should be hiring the right candidate who will carry forward the legacy of your company culture, values, and best practices.

But who is the right candidate? A potential hire who has the right set of skills, behavioral attributes, attitudes, and of course a culture fit.  As a recruiter or a hiring manager, it is no brainer to you that a wrong hire can lead to a huge loss for the company due to high employee turnover.

But there are certain things that you can do to hire the right candidate. Here are some tips from some of the leading industry recruiters and hiring managers.

Look For Commitment

Gallup says that 90 percent of employees have changed jobs within three years of joining. It is important to look for candidates who are committed to their jobs and careers. Hiring an employee who jumps a job frequently might not be a good idea, especially when you are hiring for a critical position.

Having said that, employees may change their previous jobs for various reasons. Do your due diligence to make an informed hiring decision instead of being biased.

Check For Learning And Analytical Skills

Evaluating a candidate just on the basis of his/her resume is so passé. Look for the candidate who has the right skills, education, and confidence.

Assessing a candidate for his/her learning and analytical skills could be tricky. Apart from asking direct questions, you may also want to throw in the real business cases and ask the candidate to solve it. This technique will help you gain insight into his/her technical knowledge, behavior, and analytics skills.

Look For Culture Fit

Culture fit is an important aspect that demands due consideration. The result of poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organization between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

But what is culture fit all about? Culture fit is the likelihood that a candidate will reflector will be able to adapt to the organization’s culture when hired.

A 2005 analysis revealed that employees who can gel well in their organizational culture displayed better job satisfaction. When an employee is satisfied with the organization, he/she shows superior job performance, loyalty, and commitment.

Use Social Media To Assess The Applicants:

Asking personal questions to hires can be a bit tricky. While you might be curious to know something personal information about your hires, the candidates might feel awkward. Instead, learn about them on social media.

Forbes says that more than 90 percent of companies prefer to recruit through social media platforms and open up most of their job posts on social media. Looking for their social media activity can give you a fair idea about potential hires that might not be revealed during a formal interview.

Hire Your Interns

Hiring your interns is the best way to go forward with a hiring strategy. Since they have already interned with you, you are familiar with their strength, weakness, skills, behavior, and attitude. There is always a scope to mentor them as per the job requirement. So, do consider tapping your interns.

These are some tried and tested tips that work for most organizations. However, every business is unique, and the hiring requirement is different. Hence, make sure you give utmost priority to the business requirement while making a hiring decision.

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