Employee orientation

Employee orientation is a process planned by the organization to introduce the new employees to the workplace, co-workers, job responsibilities, work culture, etc. Orientation is an essential pillar of the onboarding process, crucial for employee engagement and motivation. This is a foundation for the employee-employer relationship. Although this is a simple process, any company shouldn’t overlook this procedure. Employee orientation provides basic organizational information to the new joiners and helps them feel welcome and comfortable in the new environment. It plays an essential role in gaining the employee’s trust, reducing their anxiety, and easing their usual shyness and nervousness. A practical employee orientation makes the employees aware of their job responsibilities, company policies, essential paperwork, benefit programs, and much more.

Why is employee orientation important?

 Employee orientation is crucial for both the company and the employees.

  • Great start to a journey- Orientation marks an excellent beginning for the relationship between the employee and the company. It helps the employees understand the company’s work culture and know about different programs and policies.
  • Employee orientation promotes a smooth transition to a new role for the new hires.
  • Clear communication of the company’s expectations helps the employee get started quickly.
  • Orientation makes sure that each employee receives all the information and the same training required for the job.
  • Employee retention- A negative onboarding process can make the employees look for a job shift shortly. Hence, an effective orientation helps employee retention, reducing staff turnover rates.


Core objectives of employee orientation :-

 Compliance– Information about rules, policies, expectations

 Clarification– Clarifying job responsibilities 

 Culture– Informing about the company’s values, missions, and goals.

 Connection– Encouraging collaborations


Must-haves in the employee orientation process :

  • Welcome message- A heartfelt welcome message will help make the employee feel valued and a part of the organization.
  • Company contract and confirmation letter- Include a job confirmation letter and the company contract in the package.
  • Background of the Business- Brief the new joiners about the company’s background.
  • Company culture- Fill them in with the company culture, work shifts, leaves, etc.
  • Work items needed- Ensure to provide the necessary things like ID cards, email access, and laptops if applicable. 
  • Welcome gifts- A lovely welcome gift is not mandatory but is an added perk for the onboarding process.
  • Regular updating and tailoring of the package- It is critical to keep the orientation package up to date and adjust it to the organization’s needs, as there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.


Orientation checklist 

Here is a simple new employee orientation checklist-

  • Administration support- Help the new employees fill out new forms and do other paperwork. Provide them with the uniforms if applicable; if not, let them know about the dress code.
  • Policies overview- Inform employees on corporate policies, paid time off, and vacations, among other things.
  • Office tours- Inform the employees about the entrance and exits, walk them through the common areas, and help them set up their workstations.
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