Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing is a crucial step in the recruitment process to screen and verify the profile of a candidate. A pre-employment test is a method of gathering data that can be helpful while hiring. The test includes the screening of Background, Past employment, Ability, Skillset, IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EI (Emotional Quotient), Language efficiency, and Drug habit screening.

Common types of pre-employment tests

  • Job knowledge (Technical, problem-solving, or any other knowledge related to the job profile)
  • (EO) Emotional Quotient
  • Specific skill set or abilities
  • Personality tests
  • Physical capability tests
  • Drug or any other addiction

Pre-employment testing has become a common practice in the hiring process. It helps organizations to make the right decision while recruiting someone. An employer can give a piece of detailed information that can never be pulled out of a resume.

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