Muster Roll

Muster Roll refers to the list of workers working on a factory/work unit site for attendance management. It can also be referred to as an employee attendance register at the factory. When it is about maritime law, Muster Roll is a shipmaster’s account listing the details of every employee including managers on the ship. Details include the name, age, nationality, etc of each employee.

synonyms of muster roll

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is muster roll mandatory? 

By the law, every employer must keep a muster roll that includes the salary or wage particulars of every employee. It must show the following:  

  • The name of the employees 
  • Nature of their work 
  • Their daily attendance 

2. What is Form 31?  

The Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) Advance form, also known as Form 31, is commonly used to declare partial withdrawals or advances from the EPF account. It is not possible for employees to withdraw money from their EPF accounts whenever they need it. To withdraw money, there are certain criteria to meet.  

3. What is the difference between Muster roll and attendance register? 

A muster roll register is a list of all the employees working in the same unit, and it serves as an attendance register. Each employee who attends work on a particular day is recorded in the attendance log. 

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