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Job Enrichment

Job Enrichment is the process that involves the addition of new tasks to your employee’s existing roles so they can contribute to their full potential. In this current time, instead of routine jobs, employees are much more focused on the ones that enhance their skill set, their creative skills, roles, and responsibilities. Job enrichment provides more liberty to employees to accomplish their goals.

Here are some examples of Job Enrichment:

  • Giving Greater Autonomy
  • Trying out new approaches to do the identical tasks
  • Trying out new tasks (now and then additionally known as process enlargement) 
  • Adding greater range to regular tasks.


How does Job Enrichment work?


Job Enrichment when in action seems a little complex but a few basic steps can make it easier and you can start it today.

  1. Run a Job Diagnostic Survey- The Job Diagnostic Survey is a formula that provides each job a score that is based on the factors like feedback, autonomy, and meaningfulness.
  2. Combine responsibilities into meaningful units- This part focuses on company employees and states that an employee plays a vital role in the company’s growth.

Meaningful jobs depend on the following three factors: 

  • Significance- It describes how your job will benefit others.
  • Strength- You can use your power/ strength to do it.
  • Identity- You know what makes it possible 


To help your employees in the company, combine their roles and responsibilities into meaningful units. Doing this helps in the early completion of any task and employees become more rewarded. 

  1. Give Purpose- Many times, employees believe that they are not being noticed or valued for their work. They stop giving value to their job.For instance, there is an employee whose only task is to pick the customer calls and solve customer queries. He/She may find it more difficult to recognize the value of their job concerning the overall customer support efforts.
  2. Let your employees work in teams- Job Enrichment is equally significant for both levels when you are working individually or in a team. It is believed that employees who work together and meet regularly result in high potential work. It helps to increase productivity in employees and saves time and money for the organization. 

Job enrichment has diversified advantages that help employees in their overall growth:

  • Employees becoming self-disciplined
  • Develops new skill set
  • Decreases boredom at work
  • Employees receive recognition
  • Increases employee job satisfaction 
  • The workload is shared and thus it decreases employee stress


The process of job enrichment helps in self-realization and better quality of decision-making. While it has many features and benefits, it does include some demerits such as increased workload, poor outcomes, lack of preparations, and increased monitoring. One can say that whether you run a company of 10 or 1000 employees, Job enrichment is necessary for the overall growth of employees and the company.

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