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Secrets to Building a Winning Team Culture

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When It Comes To Building A Winning Team Culture In An Organization, Many Leaders Often Tend To Underestimate The Importance Of Culture And The Value That It Can Bring In Any Organization.

A positive team culture speaks a lot about your organization and can affect the bottom-line of an organization. As mentioned in Gallup, culture wins by attracting the top 20% of candidates in an organization. Top organizations invest intentionally to foster a culture that wins the hearts of many. Let’s understand why culture wins.

Having a strong team behind you means you are one step closer to making a successful business. Organizations that foster a positive team culture have highly engaged employees.

When employees are engaged, the attrition rate is minimum. Moreover, employees start respecting your culture and strive to give their best at the workplace.

Employees who respect your culture are more likely to talk about it on social media, refer friends, and talk about it socially.

There is nothing better than employees who endorse you in their personal circles. Gallup further confirms that 71% of workers use company referrals from their friends and family to learn about new job opportunities.

How To Build A Winning Team Culture

Build An Inclusive Culture

Make a team that includes everyone. When your team members are felt valued and their opinions are counted, they respect their job and develop a sense of belonging. Unless each team member is included in the team, you cannot build a strong team culture.

Create Leaders

Lead by example. Have control over the broader aspects of the team but do not micromanage every member. Your team members should have the flexibility to work and decide, but not so much so that the situation might become unmanageable. Managing a balance of freedom and discipline is the key to creating leaders of the future.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Help your team members to perform better by maintaining an open communication platform. Provide constructive feedback without being overly critical for things not done right. Do not wait for the last minute to give your feedback when a problem knocks at the door.

Foster a positive culture within the team by communicating regularly, appreciating for tasks done well, understanding what your team needs from you, how you can help them achieve better.

Encourage Learning

Let your team members pursue their learning and develop their skillsets which is aligned with their career roadmap. With so many resources available online, acquiring knowledge has become much easier. Encourage your team members to invest in their self-learning and growth.

Empower Your Team

As Business.com mentions, empower your team to work with you. Start empowering your team by building a sense of trust among each of the team members. Treat each of your team members as an entrepreneur in his/her department.

Empower them with trust, information, and other vital tools to help them work. You will be amazed to see that when you foster trust, your employees feel empowered. They will then go out of their way to contribute towards the organizational goals.

Look For Personality Traits While Hiring

A great team starts with great hiring. While conventional hiring is based on skills, HR leaders are now paying attention to personality traits while hiring. Starting with a personality test during hiring is a good way to identify potential candidates who will align with your organizational goals and culture.

Remember, skills can be developed over time, but personalities are in-built qualities. So, pay attention to it while making your hiring decision.

Invest In Your Team’s Wellness

It is only possible to build a winning team when your team is in good health. Invest in your team member’s wellness both onsite and offsite. Investing in ergonomically designed office furniture, organizing wellness sessions, offering gym memberships are some ways to help them improve their health.

Focus On Results

Conflicts do happen in the strongest of teams, create a culture that focuses on results instead of paying too much attention to the conflicts. Encourage healthy debates that do not fragment the team but bring it closer because at the end of it is the result that matters most.

Building a strong team with a winning team culture takes a lot of time and effort. The strength of the individual’s matter, and hence leaders should aim at understanding each of the team members, investing in their strength, and building a better relationship.

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