Attendance Cycle

The attendance cycle is a significant factor during processing the salary of employees. Every HR must know when to process the attendance so that salary of employees should be transferred on time without delay. It is the regular period on the basis of which daily attendance is calculated. Most employers store daily employee attendance data in their respective systems for example; bio-metric solutions, attendance management system, other attendance tools, etc. It is exported from the system once a month at the time of payroll processing while gathering leave and attendance data. 

Contents of Attendance cycle 

  • Data stored in the main database server
  • Data is pushed to biometric handheld attendance system through LAN or Wifi
  • Users can punch their finger at the machine
  • Transaction data is pushed to the main server through LAN or Wifi
  • Updated report can be viewed from MIS software
  • Capturing finger template along with other details and information
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