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4 Best Practices for Tracking Time and Attendance

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Attendance Management And Time Tracking Are Often Considered A Tedious Task.

But at the same time, it is a critical function for every organization and needs to be carried out effectively. There is also a high possibility of having inaccuracy and misconduct if attendance is managed manually. Not failing to mention the frustration that accompanies the same.

Here we present some of the best practices to track your employee time and attendance with the least amount of hassle:

1. Ditch Paperwork And Excel Sheets

Gone are the days where you had to handle and store all your employee attendance and payroll information in excel sheets or files. The number of documents for each employee in an organization can be massive, and this progresses geometrically when done for hundreds of them.

Even before the real paperwork begins, sifting through, organizing and processing paperwork in itself can be extremely time-consuming. There is a high probability of occurrence of inaccuracy due to human error in maintaining such records. It might also create politics among teams and individuals if the way it is done overestimates or underestimates someone’s actual pay.

Getting a biometric device that suits your organization and tracks employee time in and time out accurately could be the first step to avoid miscalculations. It also needs to be ensured that the biometric devices are put at the entrance so that it can track the total amount of time employees spend at the workplace, rather than somewhere else, like the cafeteria.

2. Get A Cloud Solution For Higher Efficiency

The best way to get organized is to integrate your biometric system to an HRMS software. You need to choose the best HR software which suits your organizational needs among the plethora of software available in the market. The best and premium software in the market provide complete HR management solutions with outstanding customer support.

A complete HR solution includes features like time and attendance tracking, leave management and payroll management all in one system. It saves you a lot of time and boosts overall productivity. So, if you belong to a small and medium business, outsourcing a payroll might not benefit you as it would take away your control over critical data.

3. Ensure That Your Employee Data Is Secured

The bank account information you provide for complete payroll processing should be highly secured. Use an HR and payroll software which provides 100% security and safety to your data. Payroll in itself has very sensitive and confidential information about employees as well as company policies, which is critical to safeguarding. This should be one of the highest priorities as a product feature and organizations must invest in a software that boasts of achieving and setting the highest levels of software security for advanced protection.

4. Use An App That Makes Your Work Easy

Use a SaaS software which also has a mobile application to make your work accessible on the go. Such software allows admins to assign tasks and manage employees directly from the mobile application from any location. User Experience is one of the most critical elements to consider when purchasing any software. The biggest of all businesses are the ones that provide applications and services which are easy to use by any one with any background.

A simple, yet extremely intelligent flow that contributes to a positive user experience is what needs to be aimed at. Any software that your employees do not find intuitive and easy to use will end up being a failed experiment. Give your employees a positive user experience and help translate them into rewarding the brand with their trust and long term business. Use an attendance management software with GPS tracking

Having a remote workforce does not mean their presence does not need to be tracked. In fact, not knowing how productive employees are can be a huge cost to businesses. Smart devices like tablets, mobile phones, along with facilities like cloud computing and unhindered access to hi speed internet have helped evolve a new genre of the workforce that works from different locations.

Invest in an attendance management software that lets you automatically track the geographical location and time of your field staff through an application on the phone or the web that is GPS enabled. Smart attendance management such as this also enables seamless and hassle-free integration and accounting of time and attendance data for processing payroll.

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