GPS & Mobile tracking for your field force

Keka HR is the only one-stop solution for all your HR needs. It is user friendly, compatible, flexible, agile and what not! It integrates with every aspect of time tracking right from capturing time and location of employee from anywhere, anytime and any device. The best part is it is fully integrated with payroll.

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Attendance Policies

Flexible policies for remote working employees

Keka HR carry capability to streamline your HR processes at micro level to build a culture which will take you towards your goals. Along with other amazing features, Keka HR offers most flexible and configurable leave and attendance management system to manage any type of leave and attendance specially for your employees working remotely. Employees can mark the attendance from anywhere and any device. Keka is all set to help you adapting the new normal working trend.

Flexible Policy for remote employees. Keka Attendance Management Software
Biometric attendance

Track employee time at office or on field

Keka Attendance tracking works well in scenarious where you have employees working in office and or on the field. They can clock-in while in office, go on field to visit a customer and punch their time at the client location. Come back to work and clock out for the day. The time clocking becomes completely seamless when you have your in-office attendance integrated with your biometric access devices!

Track Employee time at office and on Field with Keka's Attendance Management Software
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Fingerprint & IMEI lock to prevent false identities

Keka takes care of the security at first. The system has touch Id and pass code inbuilt in the mobile app which cannot be accessed by anyone else and allows you to enable device authentication available in your mobile phone like passcode, pattern lock, finger print or facial recognition.

Fingerprint & IMEI lock to prevent false attendance punches with Keka's Attendance Management Software
Khushru Doctor, CEO Founder

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Khushru Doctor, CEO Founder

Keka is the only software that met our complex policies and it was still easy on employees

Khushru Doctor

CEO Founder

Live tracking

Live tracking dashboard

Keka gives you the bird eye view of all your employee’s location status on real time basis on single dashboard. It also gives you the statistics of employees present, absent, on-time, late and not reported to work.

Track live location of your remote employee with Keka Remote Attendance Management Software
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Business Forms to collect information from field

With Keka customer order form you can collect customer’s requirement details such as product name, code, quantity. It will summarise each customer’s requirements in an organized way. Keka customer order document is simple to use so that your client can place order any time without any hassle.

Customer Order Forms, Keka HR Software

Selfie attendance with facial recognition

Keka assures you with secured tracking mechanism when it is about employee’s attendance and at the same time gives your employees a smooth user experience. The selfie attendance and facial recognition feature captures a snapshot of your employee and matches with the employee database and authenticates it.-