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Leave management is so boring. Not with Keka anymore. Keka takes away all the mundane burden out and leaves a delightful experience for you.

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Ashok Reddy, CEO

Unlike our old HR system, where I had to go to 10 places, Keka makes it extremely easy to access any employee information

Ashok Reddy, CEO

Unlike our old HR system, where I had to go to 10 places, Keka makes it extremely easy to access any employee information

Ashok Reddy


Smart HCM to outsmart the changing world

The world has changed, and it's going to keep changing. Our HCM Software helps your workforce adapt, evolve, and win by working more effectively within it.

Smart HRMS Software for Modern day Keka HRMS Software
Leave Policies

Configurable policies for any scenario and geography

Configure your leave policies with rich set of rules to suite your work culture and business goals across the globe. Keka HR offers most configurable and flexible leave management system to manage any kind of leave - paid, unpaid, sick, statutory or any leave type.

Customise leave policy according to your organisation with Keka HR Software
Applying Leave

Let employee be the judge when applying leave

When applying for a leave, employees can see who else in their team are already on leave. They can then judiciously make a decision if their absence can further hurt the project delivery. This is how Keka empowers your employees with a keen sense of ownership in every feature.

Apply Leave with ease with Keka's Leave Management Software
Employee self service

Empower people with self-serve tools - anywhere

  • Apply for leave, work from home or request comp-off using mobile app

  • Employees can view their leave balances and past leave history

  • See who else in your team is on leave and approve leaves from the mobile app

Employees self service portal with Keka HR Software
Leave approvals

Custom approval workflows

Control who approves time off requests or even set up replacement persons. Define skips for delayed actions, setup notifications and as many stages of approval. Set up & track who's doing what.

Leave Approval made easy with Keka HR Software

Shared team calendar view

Keep everyone in the loop by using shared leave calendar. Multiple users can see who in their team is off from any device to schedule their team meetings, manage project and resource planning.

Team Leave Calendar helps induce transparency within team with Keka HR Payroll Software
Leave and Pay calculations

Let Keka do all the mundane math for you

Keka HR helps you with the trickiest of calculations, so you don't have to sweat. Simply define your rules, and the system takes care of the rest for all your employees

Seniority based Leave Accrual

Configure accrual rate based on probation and experience and Keka will take care of the rest

Loss of Pay calculation

Configure loss of pay based on holidays, duration of leaves, week-offs

Loss of Pay reversal arrears

Cancel an employee unpaid leave from past with single button and Keka encashes it in the payroll.

Leave carry over

Set leave carry over rules and let Keka figure encashments and carry overs to following years

Loss of Pay amount

Arrear calculations based on their working hours and your

Leave carry over rules

Arrear calculations based on their working hours and your

Payroll integration

Leave encashments

Let Keka Leave Management Software handle all the leave encashments of employees when integrated with our payroll engine. You can configure the encashment rules and add your own formula with different salary components

Leave Integrated with Payroll with Keka's HR Software
Employment based rules

Probation & Notice period scenarious covered

Most organizations have different accrual and restrictions during probation and notice periods. You can configure different leave accruals, extend notice period based on leaves taken or restrict leaves altogether.

Customise Rules according to employee role with Keka HRMS Software

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