Termination Email Template

A termination email notifies an employee that they will be dismissed from their current position. This email discusses the reasons for the employee’s involuntary departure, the next steps they need to follow, and any benefits or compensation they will receive. 

Though most companies are not compelled to issue termination letters/emails, they are significant as they help your organization retain a decent reputation, show professionalism, and provide a record of events for legal reasons. 

Moreover, writing employees a termination email/letter is a more humane and respectful manner of dismissing them. Here is a termination email template to help you draft yours: 

Subject: Termination of Employment

Hi [Name of Employee], 

We regret to inform you that your employment with us is being terminated, effective immediately (or add date). The following are the reasons for your dismissal: 

Reason 1 

Reason 2 

Reason 3 

Please return any business property that you have under your possession. The issuance of your final payment would be delayed if you delay or fail to do so.  

Any severance payments will be given in accordance with the company’s policies. 

If you have any unpaid leaves remaining, they will be computed and paid according to the company’s policies. You can reach to the HR department if you have any queries or concerns. 




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