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Termination Email Template

A termination email notifies an employee that they will be dismissed from their current position. This email discusses the reasons for the employee’s involuntary departure, the next steps they need to follow, and any benefits or compensation they will receive. 

Though most companies are not compelled to issue termination letters/emails, they are significant as they help your organization retain a decent reputation, show professionalism, and provide a record of events for legal reasons. 

Meaning of Termination Letter 

A termination letter is an official notice given from the employer to the employee to inform the latter about their dismissal from the job. 

Significance of Termination Letter 

The following reasons state the importance of a termination letter: 

  • It is a tool used by employer to justify the termination of an employee. It makes it easier for the employee to know the claims and makes it difficult for the employer to modify their narrative. 
  • It serves as a former notice from the employer’s side and highlights their professionalism. 
  • It also acts as a legal proof for any future references. 
  • It also helps in ending the relationship with an employee in an amicable manner. 
  • It gives the employee a fair amount of time and compensation to handle their unemployment situation. 

How to write a Termination Letter? 

  • Always start with the date of drafting the letter, it can be mentioned at the either side. 
  • Use salutation like ‘Dear’ and include the entire name of the employee. 
  • Be crisp and clear that the company has terminated the services of the employee. 
  • Remember to clearly specify the date from when the termination comes into effect. 
  • List out all the reasons that led to the termination, and include evidences to support the claims if possible. 
  • Clearly explain the compensations and benefits like provident fund, pension, leave encashment etc., that the employee might be entitled to. 
  • Request the employee to return the assets and if they are in the possession of company provided accommodation give them ample amount of time to vacate it. 
  • Remind the employees of the non-disclosure and non-competing agreements that continues to stay in effect. 
  • Include the HR contact information to help in clarifying all the queries. 
  • Use a professional tone throughout the letter and conclude it with good wishes, and the closing salutations can be ‘Best Regards’ or ‘Sincerely’.

Five Termination Email Samples

Moreover, writing employees a termination email/letter is a more humane and respectful manner of dismissing them. Here is a termination email template to help you draft yours: 

Termination Email Sample I 

Subject: Termination of Employment

Hi [Name of Employee], 

We regret to inform you that your employment with us is being terminated, effective immediately (or add date). The following are the reasons for your dismissal: 

  • Reason 1 
  • Reason 2 
  • Reason 3 

Please return any business property that you have under your possession. The issuance of your final payment would be delayed if you delay or fail to do so.  

Any severance payments will be given in accordance with the company’s policies. 

If you have any unpaid leaves remaining, they will be computed and paid according to the company’s policies. You can reach to the HR department if you have any queries or concerns. 




Termination Email Sample II 

Subject: Employee Termination 

Hi [Name of the employee], 

We acknowledge all the efforts that you’ve put into your job role as (Job Title). Unfortunately, the results did not meet our expectations. We regret to inform you that your employment with (firm name) stands terminated effective immediately from (date specified). 

Please do not forget to return the business assets under your possession. If you have any unpaid leaves remaining, they will be paid according to company’s policies. These documents will also be mailed to your home address. Feel free to reach the HR department if you have any queries. 

We wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors. 


[Name of the Manager] 

HR Department 

Termination Email Sample III 

Subject: Termination of Employment 

Hi Raghav Rajan, 

We sincerely regret to inform that your employment with our company is terminated from 12th April, 2023. We made this decision after you constantly failed to meet the business expectations.  

From 12th April, you will no longer be eligible for any compensation or benefits associated with your previous job role. Please return all the company assets that are under your possession by 7 pm on 12th April to our HR office. 

You are entitled to your salary until 12th April and you will be compensated for your remaining vacation days. We will also be providing severance pay amounting to 3 monthly salaries.  

You are requested to delete any information about our customers, employees or other stake holders stored in any of your personal devices as you have signed a non-disclosure agreement. 

Please feel free to reach me or anyone in the HR department for further questions or clarifications. 

All the best for your future endeavors! 


Mohini Rathod,  

HR department. 

Termination Email Sample IV 

Subject:  Termination of Employment 

Hi Jacob Owen, 

We regret to inform you that your employment with our company will end on October 30, 2023. This decision is permanent. 

You will receive your final paycheck and payment of your remaining leaves today. You will also receive your severance payment amounting to 2 monthly salaries today.  

Your healthcare benefits plan will be effective for another 90 days.  

You are requested to return the company assets before the end of the day. Also, keep in mind about the confidentiality agreement that you have signed. 

If you have any further queries feel free to reach out to the HR Department. 

All the best for your future! 


Belle Peters, 

HR department. 

Termination Email Sample V

Subject: Termination of Employment 

Hi Peter Wallace,  

We regret to inform you that your employment with our company will end on December 31, 2023. This decision is final and will not be modified. 

You have been terminated as the recent economic conditions have led us to reduce 20% of our workforce, your position is a part of this and has been eliminated. 

You will receive your final paycheck and payment of your remaining leave on your last working day. You are also entitled for a severance payment amounting to 2 monthly salaries. 

Your healthcare benefit will continue to be effective for 90 days after your termination takes effect. 

You are requested to not disclose any confidential information as you have signed non-disclosure agreements. 

You are requested to return all the company assets under your possession on your last working day. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the HR department. 

We wish you the best of luck! 


Backer Adams,  

HR department. 

Termination Letter FAQs 

What role does the HR department play in termination of employees? 

HR role plays an important role in the termination process of an employee. They help the organization in the following ways: 

  • At times, they may provide their direct input on the decision to terminate an employee. 
  • They ensure that a terminated employee receive the final paycheck along with the severance pay they are entitled to. 
  • They act as mediators to ensure the internal policies are followed during the termination process. 
  • They also need to ensure that the entire termination process is done legally. 

Can an employee be terminated without notice? 

An employee can be terminated without a notice only in the cases of misconduct. But it also needs a disciplinary enquiry that is to be held following legal principles. 

Do organization’s need an employee termination form? 

Some large organizations require an employee’s signature on a termination form. It normally includes the employee’s name, department, position and date of termination. 

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