Step by Step process to file ECR (Electronic Challan–Cum–Return) version 2.0 (with Screenshots)

Step By Step Process To File ECR Version 2.0 On EPFO Unified Web Portal:

Step 1: Login to EPFO portal using your ECR portal credentials:

step 1

Once logged in, you can check the details of Establishment Name,Establishment ID, Exemption Status (PF, Pension, EDLI), Establishment Address and PF office.

step 1 part 2

Step 2: To upload ECR, go to Payments tab >> ECR [UPLOAD]

step 2

Step 3: On next screen, i.e. ECR File Upload, click on ‘ECR Help File’ to view the ECR file format

step 3

It will appear as shown below:

step 3 part 2

To upload the ECR, select the Wage Month and Salary Disbursal Date.

step 3 part 3

Step 4: Select your ECR text file to be uploaded.

step 4

An ECR text file appears like the one below:

step 4 part 2

Step 5: Select the remaining fields like File Type (Select ECR), Contribution Rate % (Default value is 12%), add comment, and click on Upload Button:

step 5

Step 6: Once uploaded, the file will be validated by the portal against the pre-defined conditions.  Once validation is successful, you can see the following screen with ‘Validation Successful’ message:

step 6

Click on Verify button to generate TRRN (Temporary Return Reference Number).

step 6 part 2

Note: In case the validation of uploaded ECR file fails, you will get an error message.

Step 7: Generate ECR summary sheet by clicking on ‘Prepare Challan’ button

step 7

Step 8: On the next screen, you can adjust “Total EDLI Contributions (ER Share A/C 21)” (if required), enter Administration & Inspection Charges for “Total EPF Charges (A/C  2)” & “Total EDLI Charges (A/C 22).”

Once done, click on ‘Generate Challan’ Button.

step 8

Step 9: From the challan list page that follows, click on “Finalize” icon after reviewing the Total Amount, under Draft Challan List.  You can also download Acknowledgment File and Receipt File under “In-Process Challan List”.

step 9

Step 10:  The finalized ECR (Electronic Challan-cum-Receipt) will look similar to this:

step 10

Step 11: Once finalized, you can go ahead and make the payment.  Click on “Pay” button to make the payment:

step 11

Step 12: Please select Payment Mode as “Online”, and select the bank from the list from which you wish to make the payment.  Once selected, click on “Continue” and this will navigate you to payment gateway for completing the payment.

step 12


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