Quarterly Reviews to Save Your Organization from Annual Performance Headaches

Quarterly reviews

Are you someone who waits for the entire year to conduct performance reviews? 

If yes, then this strategy might be disastrous for your performance management plans in the future. Employees can leave anytime, and you don’t come across poorly performing employees only a month before the annual performance review. What about the previous 11 months? 

Think of the damage that can be caused to a business if managers don’t regularly sit with their team members and remove the roadblocks to align better goals. 

The answer is Quarterly Reviews. By reviewing every 90 days, you can review your existing goals and make a concrete plan to achieve them. Yes, not all organizations shy away from conducting performance reviews. But they lack bandwidth when it comes to managers and HR.  

One person cannot manage reviews for hundreds of people. Manually, even managing 50 is difficult. However, Keka’s new performance management system is agile, quick, and built to manage thousands of reviews at a time. Backed with a powerful analytics mechanism, this PMS will save hours that you previously spent on managing reviews. 

Here’s a list of functionalities you’ll find on Keka’s new quarterly reviews: 

Initiate Review 

Add employees to review cycles and directly initiate reviews from the system. Create separate Review Groups. 

a dashboard to initiate review

Add Details 

Add details for the new review group. Details such as: 

  • Define who can manage the group. 
  • Name of the group. 
  • Timelines for the review cycles. 
  • And more… 

option to create groups

Review Progress 

Now that the review for a certain group of employees is in progress, check the details and nominate reviewers accordingly. 

dashboard to nominate employees

Send Reminders 

In case employees forget about the review process, automated reminders are sent to them so the review process is completed on time. 

option to send automated reminders

Nominate Reviewers (Peers) 

Add direct stakeholders (peers) as reviewers for required individuals in the review process. 

option to nominate peers in review

Nominate Reviewers (External) 

Submit the names of stakeholders from other teams as reviewers for required individuals in the review process. These can be employees who have collaborated with the said individual for certain projects or tasks. 

nominate external reviewers

Nominate Reviewers (Others) 

Nominate any other stakeholders that are needed for the review process. 

nominate other stakeholders in the organization

Finish the Review Process 

Wait for the reviews to happen. Once this process is done, it’s time to evaluate the proceedings. Some employees might choose to accept the feedback given to them. 

option to finish review

Take Action (1:1 Meeting) 

Schedule a One-on-One conversation with the respective employee to discuss more on the feedback they received and why they don’t agree with it. 

schedule 1:1 meeting

Take Action (Calibrate Ratings) 

Calibrate ratings for particular employees whenever needed. 

Calibrate ratings of employees

Analytical View 

Reports show the rating range and the current status of employees in that range. Below, you can see a list of top performers from different review groups. If you want, you can even send direct praise to these employees. 

dashboard showing analytics and data

Employee List 

This list provides a holistic view of employees in a group and their performance ratings. 

screen showing list of employees

To end… 

Quarterly Reviews are a time to focus on your employees and discuss the roadblocks. Review does not replace continuous feedback for informal check-ins. These are separate functionalities and are accordingly provided by Keka.   

Keka’s Quarterly reviews will help you improve the performance of your employees through an accurate and real-time view of their performance. 

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