New Hire Preboarding Checklist

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    According to, new joiners hired through a structured pre-boarding program are 69% likely to stay with the company for 3 years or more. This indicates the need for a streamlined process for welcoming the member to ensure things go smoothly. However, the ton of things to tick off prior to the joining date leaves managers confused.

    This is due to many tasks that are often forgotten before a new hire joins the company. Here’s a checklist to ensure you don’t miss out on any important things needed to be planned ahead of the new employee’s admission into your organization. Refer to the onboarding checklist and the new hire paperwork checklist too for a foolproof onboarding process.


    • Prepare an employment contract/offer letter and receive signed, if required
    • Ask the new hire to send his/her information to feed into your company’s HRMS:
      • Aadhaar Card
      • Pan Card
      • Contact details
      • Bank information, if you’re following direct deposit
      • Food preferences and allergies, if applicable
    • Send a welcome mail to the new hire with details including:
      • Time of arrival on the first day
      • First day or first week agenda
      • Dress code, if applicable
    • Invite him/her to join the corporate accounts of the company by setting up:
      • Email
      • Business communication platform (Ex. Asana, Slack)
      • HRMS login id and password
    • Send an introductory new hire announcement and meeting invite to all employees on the team
    • Send a reminder to his/her manager to prepare for new joiner’s first day
    • Prepare the new hire’s ID card and personal locker
    • Order for a company t-shirt for the new hire after asking him/her the size
    • Prepare a tentative first day and first-week agenda that covers:
      • Company overview, teams, culture, objectives
      • One on one meetings with manager and teammates
      • Team-building activities (Ex. Group lunch)
    • Assign a buddy
    • Set up a workstation with a nameplate, if required

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