New Hire One-on-One Meeting Checklist

Table of Contents

    Welcoming a new hire requires the hiring manager and the HR team to prepare for his/her arrival first. With a well-structured one-on-one meeting with a new employee, you can set the right tone for a mutually benefitting collaboration.  

    Though many managers shy away from having a 1:1 conversation with their new hires believing these do not bring any value to the company, when done in the right way, one on one meetings can boost the morale of employees and help them engage better. 

    We have formulated a list of things to help you structure the meeting well and ensure it becomes a success. 

    • Inform the new hire about the meeting 
    • Furnish your reasons for holding this meeting 
    • Draft an agenda 
    • Set the duration of the meeting
    • Build trust by being open and warm to the employee 
    • Ask his expectations from the job 
    • Speak about his objectives and the tasks he/she thinks can help them achieve 
    • Consider asking questions regarding his personal life (out of work-life) 
    • Discuss any challenges they might be facing 
    • Make the meeting a conversation rather than a dictation 
    • Invite the employee to ask any questions he/she might have 
    • If any urgent work comes up, consider rescheduling the meeting but not canceling it 


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