Weekly Fun Activities Checklist

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    What do you think about a rangoli competition? Or a snake and ladder board game rather? Boring as hell? Your employees feel exactly the same, if not worse. The pandemic has already casted a shadow on the majority of the fun elements in our lives, employees definitely don’t want you to rob them of their remaining bleak chances.

    Organizing these games is all about engagement after all. Don’t give them a reason to skip the Fun Fridays.

    Want to ensure that the workers don’t mutter under their breath while you organize the weekly activities? Then here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that the activities you’ve planned don’t go south. (Best of luck in deciding the actual activities though!)

    • Determine a day in the week to organize the activities
    • Curate a fun name for it
    • Do thorough research on office games or create your own
    • Invite suggestions from all employees on the activities front
    • List out the possible activities to be done
    • Determine the games that attracted the interest of the majority during the previous session
    • Decide on whether or not prizes will be awarded to the winners
    • Determine the nature of the prizes
    • Set a budget for all prizes and refreshments
    • Determine the room where the games are to be played
    • Inform all employees regarding the event through calendar invites/mail
    • Ensure
      • The play area is ready a day before the event
      • Crockery and cutlery/use and throw utensils are arranged
      • Food reaches the office on time

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