TDS Reconciliation, Analysis, and Correction Enabling System – TRACES is a web-based application of the Income Tax Department that provides an interface to all those associated with TDS administration. It enables viewing of challan status, downloading of Conso File, Justification Report, and Form 16 / 16A as well as viewing of annual tax credit statements (Form 26AS).

TRACES provides the following functionalities for Deductors

  • Registration and Login
  • Add sub-users for a TAN
  • View Challan Status / Statement Status / Default Summary
  • Download Conso File / Justification Report
  • PAN Verification / Download Consolidated TAN PAN File
  • 197 Certificate Validation
  • Online Correction
  • Declaration for Non Filing of Statement
  • Download Form 16 / 16A / 27D / 16B
  • Provide Feedback
  • Download forms
  • Manage Profile
  • Dashboard View
  • Refund Functionality
  • Request for Resolution
  • Declaration to Deposit Lower TDS
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