Leave Policy

The term ‘Leave’ means taking a break from work or going on a vacation or holiday. Every company in Indian Payroll has defined leave policies that have a different type of leaves which can be availed by employees whenever needed for personal life commitment. A leave policy helps an employer to define a particular number of leaves for each employee in a year. It contains the number of leaves, type of leaves, and eligibility criteria for employees.

Most common types of leaves in Indian Leave Policy

  • Sick Leave or Medical: Leave granted in case of illness of an employee
  • Casual Leave: Leave taken by an employee to relax or take a break due to personal reasons.
  • Maternity leave: Leave granted to pregnant women for safe delivery of her baby.
  • Paternity Leave: Leave granted to father right after the birth of his child.
  • Bereavement Leave: leave granted in case of death of a family member of an employee.
  • Privileged Leave or Earned Leave: Leave earned by an employee by performing well.
  • Birthday Leave: Granted on the birthday of an employee.
  • Anniversary Leave/Half day: Granted on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of an employee.
  • Compensatory leave: Leave paid to an employee who works for an additional number of hours
  • Unpaid Leave or Leave without Pay: It is an approved temporary absence from work.
  • Festive Holidays: Holidays on religious occasions.
  • Public Holidays: Holidays on nationally recognized days like 15th August, 26th January, 2nd October, etc.

Recently many organizations have adapted new leaves as a kind gesture towards employees;

  • Menstrual leaves for women during menstruation cycle
  • Quarantine Leave granted to employees who are ordered to stay quarantined.