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Employee Sick Leave Policy Example

Organisations need to be very careful and analytical while designing their sick-leave policies. While there may be multiple aspects to consider, the law of the land and the company’s culture are the most important ones.

An organisation might also consider the nature of the job and the employees health and grant work-from-home permits instead of sick leaves.
In fact, many organisations that anticipate their sick leaves are being misused, or even force their employees to compromise their integrity; now instead offer a longer paid time off (PTO), scrapping Sick Leave entirely.

Sick Leave Policy

The Sick Leave policy outlines the company’s code for employees who are sick and need to be absent from work.

Employees who fall sick are requested to take time off and recover. They may even work from home to prevent infections.

Extended leave for permanently as well as temporarily disabled employees will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


This policy is applicable to all full-time employees and part-time employees who have been working for the company for a minimum of 6 months or have completed their probation period.

Sick Leave

The company offers (number of days) days of Sick Leave every year beginning on 1st January.

Sick leave can be availed under the following circumstances:

  • Recovery from an existing illness.
  • Resurrection from an accident.
  • Health check-ups in case of sicknesses.
  • To care for an ill family member.

Leaves by women during menstruation will come under Paid Time Off or PTO Leave.

How To Avail Sick Leave

If an employee chooses to avail his/ her sick leave, they are expected to convey to their Supervisor and HR at least half an hour before their scheduled starting time.

An employee may be asked to submit a physician’s certificate if required.

The Supervisor and HR have the right to deny sick leaves if necessary.

Accumulation Of Sick Leave

Unused sick leave may be carried forward for up to (number of years) years.

A maximum of (number of days) accumulated sick leave may be used in any year.

Unused sick leave accumulated over the period of an employees service cannot be encashed regardless of the reason for termination.

Sick Leave Incentive Program

As a measure to curb sick leave abuse, the management has introduced a sick leave incentive program from (date).

Under this program, employees who have utilised 3 or lesser sick leaves will be rewarded with an additional bonus equivalent to (number of days) days pay.


Permanently as well as temporarily disabled employees may request for extended leave.  Any such requests will be approved subject to the concerned team leader and HR incharge.

Letter Of Release

In case of surgery or hospitalisation for more than 24 hours, the employee will be required to provide a letter of release or fitness certificate to resume office.

Use Of Vacation Leave As Sick Leave

If an employee exhausts all of his/her sick leave, he/she may use his/her vacation leave as sick leave.

However, sick leave cannot be used as vacation leave.

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