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Job Analysis

Job analysis is the method of researching and gathering facts about a job’s activities and obligations. Job research, according to Michael.J.Jucius, is “the method of analyzing the operations, roles, and technical facets of employees to extract parameters or as certain job descriptions term them.”

Importance of Job Analysis

  • Since it defines the requirements of the work in terms of talent, qualities, and other individual traits, job research is the qualitative component of manpower needs. It makes it easier to divide employment into separate occupations.
  • The standards of quality of work efficiency are determined by job analysis. It aids in the administration of training growth programs.
  • Job analysis serves as the foundation for job assessment. Employment assessment attempts to determine the job’s relative value, which in turn aids in deciding the job’s pay.
  • Per work has a clear-cut level of excellence based on job analysis results. Employee efficiency should be measured objectively using workplace performance standards.
  • Through doing a thorough examination of the work components, industrial engineers may use the job analysis knowledge to plan the job.
  • Job analysis is used to settle disagreements over the performance expectations that are demanded of employees.


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