A Biometric is a device that captures employees’ daily attendance via fingerprints.  The biometric device helps the organization to track the attendance of its employee systematically. It makes use of biometric of each employee in order to keep the record of their in and out time during the working hours. It is a security mechanism used for providing access to an individual based on fingerprint recognition which is pre-stored in a biometric security system. Biometric systems are deployed in the workforce is to eliminate time theft.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance System

  • The biometric Attendance system increases the accuracy of payroll during the pay period.
  • Biometrics provides accurate time and attendance records to the payroll system as it saves employees working time and decreases overhead.
  • The biometric attendance management system will alert employees to excessive overtime situations which helps to balance the workload.
  • The biometric system improves accountability and responsibility for employees because it can accurately identify late attendance, frequent, extended or unscheduled breaks.
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