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Do You Know If Your Remote and Field Staff Is Actually Working?

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Being On The Move For Employees Is Not A Rare Phenomenon. In The Increasingly Dynamic And Competitive Business Environment, Remote Employees Are Becoming A Bigger Reality.

In such a situation, capturing employee attendance and integrating it to payroll poses itself as a huge challenge for organizations. Be it the sales team or employees who work from home, not knowing the way they function can be a cost to businesses. Being unable to know or track the attendance of such mobile field staff through the right attendance management software can keep critical data out of the purview of management who can otherwise understand the trends of their sales force when it comes to doing their job with complete honesty. But this problem can now be addressed effectively with the latest technology in attendance management – GPS tracking.

In a survey, 34% of business leaders said that half their company’s full time workforce would be working remotely by 2020!

The world is opening up to the idea of a distributed workforce. With advances in technology and communication tools, and the very need to be able to have staff at multiple locations is slowly turning this into a necessity for organizations to be able to remain competitive. The millennials with them also bring the desire to work in organizations where flexibility is a major issue. According to the US Bureau of Statistics Project, millennials will make up 40% of the workforce by 2020 and 75% by 2025. If they are going to constitute such a major part of the workforce, their needs need to be understood and met if organizations want to leverage this generation’s contribution to the best of their abilities.

For companies with field or remote employees, there are two critical functions to be ensured – tracking employees’ work time as well as being able to confirm their location through attendance management software.

Keka now offers an attendance management software that helps you track the location of each employee through the mobile phone. It adds a GPS component to their popular and tried and tested payroll software, which picks up the location of the employee to keep organizations in the loop of where exactly their staff is.

Keka’s GPS & Mobile Attendance Management Software

Keka’s GPS and mobile attendance management software is fully integrated with biometric attendance and shift management. This feature is one of a kind in the Indian market and tracks an employee’s location through their smartphone. It also seamlessly integrates with Keka’s payroll software and is already being used by clients. Field teams no longer need to check-in at one of the offices or go completely unasked about their whereabouts. They just need to log in to their mobile devices and start recording the working time, along with the location being automatically tracked.

Here is how a GPS enabled tracking device can be of use –

1. Increased Mobile Workforce Productivity

The inability to track the productivity of the mobile workforce is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face. This translates into companies investing in unproductive and disengaged employees, instead of actually knowing about the real superstars. This creates inefficiencies within the system. GPS tracking puts employers in control by letting them have access to real-time information about their remote and field staff. When managers have the tracking information they need, productivity can improve dramatically as it lets them know how each employee is doing individually and take steps accordingly.

2. Exact Location And Time

Tracking time and attendance of a mobile workforce can be daunting. And failure to do so also disempowers organizations from knowing how their remote staff is performing. Keka’s mobile attendance tracking lets you add location detail to the timestamps which can help managers know exactly where their employees are, leading to the effective utilization of their time on the field. When managers know where exactly their employees are, it automatically leads to the effective utilization of their time on the field.

3. Works Across Scenarios

Whether your employees are in the office, on the field, or in remote locations – Keka’s attendance tracking works for all. All your employees can clock-in while in the office, while at a client’s desk for a meeting, or at a café in another city. Such an arrangement becomes completely effortless when you have your in-office attendance integrated with your biometric access devices.

4. Works Offline

Even though mobile tracking is the way to go, a lot of them become completely useless in areas where internet connectivity is an issue. With Keka’s GPS tracking, you don’t even have to worry about poor network coverage. The app can track time and coordinate the best of information available even when offline! All this data syncs back to servers when online again.

5. Available On IOS And Android

The choice of smartphones and networks is a personal choice and Keka understands this. Keka’s mobile app works across Android and iOS devices. With smartphones and mobile devices becoming ubiquitous and a complete necessity for everyone, with Keka you can be sure that the mobile attendance tracking software works with each and every employee.

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