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GPS Tracking – The New Answer to Professional Time Tracking

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Remote Working Is The New Reality Which Is Continuously On The Rise At A Global Level.

A recent survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit in London found 34% of respondents saying that more than half their company’s full time workforce would be working remotely by 2020. The benefits of allowing flexibility at the workplace is also slowly getting recognized which is why more and more organizations are increasingly opting for it. In fact there are also companies which have 100% distributed teams such as GitHub, Lullabot, StackExchange, MySQL, Treehouse and more. Remote working has become a part of mainstream work culture as almost 50% of managers are allowed to work remotely in the US, UK and Germany.

As per a research by IBM, teleworkers are 50% more productive than their office bond counterparts.

Having a remote workforce does not mean their presence does not need to be tracked. In fact, not knowing how productive employees are can be a huge cost to businesses. Smart devices like tablets, mobile phones, along with facilities like cloud computing and unhindered access to hi speed internet has helped evolve a new genre of workforce that works from different locations. Coordination with teams is also easily possible because of such advances in technology.

Hiring the right people isn’t an end in itself. They also need to be retained, irrespective of their location. This can help you find ways to strengthen your organization’s growth and productivity. Companies across the globe have opened up to allowing people to work remotely or having a virtual staff. If this is the case, companies must prepare themselves to engage this vast and diversified workforce through effective means that do not hamper their productivity. One way of doing this is attendance. It is important for managers to know where their employees are and how many hours are they contributing to

84% of organizations today have a remote workforce. Hence companies need to find tools and technologies that help their distributed staff communicate and coordinate with each other effectively.


With remote employees becoming such a big reality in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, capturing employee attendance and integrating it to payroll poses itself as a huge challenge for organizations. Being unable to know or track the attendance of such mobile field staff through the right attendance management software can keep critical data out of the purview of management who can otherwise understand the trends of their sales force when it comes to doing their job with complete honesty. But this problem can now be addressed effectively with the latest technology in attendance management – GPS tracking.


Investing in an attendance management software that caters to businesses with a distributed workforce which have a need to track employee movements in a highly secure work environment is what is needed. Smart attendance management such as this also enables seamless and hassle free integration and accounting of time and attendance data for processing payroll.


Keka’s GPS and mobile attendance management software is fully integrated with biometric attendance and shift management. It is a unique feature that they are offering in the Indian marketplace that tracks an employee’s location through their GPS enabled feature. There is no more need for punching into the nearest office branch or worst – companies being completely unaware of their employee’s whereabouts. This intelligent feature enables employees to simply log in to their mobile devices and start recording the working time, along with the location.

Never miss out on attendance again!

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