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42 Effective Appreciation Messages for Good Work

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Employee engagement starts with appreciation. When deserving employees are appreciated for their work, their morale skyrockets. 

According to a report, when asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied “give recognition

The opposite is also true. When people don’t get recognition for their work, they soon stop putting effort into the work that they do.

People love feeling valued and expressing themselves in front of everyone. As a leader, you need to give them this chance through effective employee feedback.

It will help build a culture of positivity and engagement at the organization. 

If giving appreciation sounds tough, then don’t do it yourself. Just take help from the appreciation messages for good work from below that’ll make any employee happy. 

Appreciation words to appreciate work 

Different results require different words of appreciation. Here are the best ones that can be used while sending messages.   

It will take your appreciation game to the next level and your employees will start performing better. It is employee engagement and team-building at their best. 

For good work and efforts 

  1. I am proud of you that you overcame challenges and completed this task. Excellent stuff!
  2. I am not even surprised anymore. You complete your OKR always before the time that’s really commendable.
  3. You not only meet our expectations but always go beyond that to set an example for everyone. Keep this up!
  4. You showed great composure, experience, and thinking while dealing with the issues in the project. We would love to see you take the lead in the next project.
  5. Your insights have helped everyone solve this problem. 
  6. Your level of quality work remains unprecedented in our organization.
  7. We love witnessing your work and the way you manage challenges in this industry.
  8. Thank you for all your help. Without your hard work, patience, and agility, we wouldn’t have completed the project before the deadline. You rock!
  9. Your focus on innovation is fabulous and it has lightened a spark in the minds of everyone on this team.
  10. Great work. Your problem-solving skills are second to none.

For dedication and integrity 

  1. You are such an inspiration for everyone in this organization. Your tenacity, hard work, and dedication to work are something we can all learn.
  2. They say work smart, not hard. Well, they are wrong. You work both hard and smart. That makes you the best.
  3. You do 5% more than anyone else for every task. That’s why you’re great.
  4. I haven’t seen anyone put so much thought into their work. Great job!
  5. Your dedication to achieving positive outcomes has been astonishing. You’ll go far. 
  6. I want you to know that you’ve done an excellent job and we’re all proud of you. Celebrate this moment.
  7. You’re always available for help and yet the last one to leave the office. Your care towards others is commendable.
  8. We all watch and learn from you. Your work is incredible and that’s why it has never gone unnoticed.
  9. The business impact of your work has been wonderful. You’ve single-handedly changed the performance of your entire team. Fantastic!
  10. Thanks for reaching your targets and helping out others reach their targets as well. Good job!

For the team players 

  1. You’re so supportive. Always standing behind the team when it comes to helping people. 
  2. You not only complete your target but also help others in finishing their tasks as well. Thanks for being such a great team player.
  3. You are a pleasure to work with. Great job!
  4. Your advice helped me so much. I asked others and they told me you help everyone solve the issues they’re facing. Thanks for helping everyone out.
  5. We can always depend on your quality and work and the efforts you bring to the table. Keep being amazing!
  6. I appreciate that you took out time to help me finish this project. Wouldn’t have been possible without you. You’re the real deal.
  7. Our office is amazing because of people like you. You bring so much energy and positivity to this place.
  8. Thank you for working overtime and solving the problem, especially when everyone left in the middle of things. You’re invaluable.
  9. Thanks for being a reliable member of this team. We all look forward to more awesome work with you.
  10. Thanks for uplifting everyone’s morale and taking care of everyone during difficult times. You’re an irreplaceable asset to our team.

For describing creativity 

  1. Your work is a joy to watch. No wonder I can’t wait to see anything new you work on.
  2. I am 100% sure your work brings excitement to our customers. May your creativity keep on increasing at the same rate.
  3. Congratulations on the completion of the project. Your innovative ideas were the main reasons behind its success.
  4. I hope that you continue to embrace your creativity and utilize it in your work for as long as possible.
  5. You always manage to distinguish yourself by doing everything so well. Excellent stuff!
  6. Your out-of-the-box ideas are always on time and have saved us countless times. Keep having our backs.
  7. You’re never afraid to put forward your ideas and perspective. It’s fresh and I appreciate it.
  8. Your refreshing take(on accomplishing our team goals) makes it awesome to work with you! 
  9. I have never seen such a creative piece of work in this field. More of this, please! 
  10. You have great insights into challenges in this industry. An absolute honor to work alongside you and learn from you.
  11. Your unique approach changed the outcome in our favor. Brilliant! 
  12. You always deliver high-quality work. It’d be great to see you maintain this standard. 

Things to keep in mind 

  • Be precise and be direct. 
  • Appreciation is FREE so give loads of it. 
  • If you don’t speak or write, no one would know how much you appreciate them. 
  • Praise is never enough. 
  • Appreciation works when it’s instant. 
  • People always remember how someone treated them. Be kind when you talk to employees. 
  • Give credit where it’s due. 

To End… 

Continuous feedback is a great way to show employees how much you value their work and the impact each individual has on the progress of the organization. Instead of simply saying nothing or saying few words, how about you go full-blown when it comes to appreciation. In this case, more is good. 

Your employees will thank you for following this practice and returns are immense.  

Go on. Initiate and appreciate because it’s about your mates. 

Talking about a helping hand, Keka allows you to give instant appreciation at the click of a button and yes, all this information is stored on a centralized dashboard. 

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