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What Does A CEO Look For In An HR Professional

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CEOs today want their HR leaders to enable the human capital of the organization. They are no longer seen as administering HR practices but as strategic business partners ready to create an impact and disrupt the way work is done. Organizations that consider “people as their most important asset” value their HR leaders. However, gaining the trust and support of the executive leaders will need a strategic approach and preparation. As a strong HR leader, you need to focus on delivering business values to become the right person to advise the CEO. In this article, we have discussed a few key strategies to work on to help you understand better what CEOs look for.

Hiring The Right Talent

The most critical role of an HR leader that a CEO expects him/her to do is, understand the company strategy and hire the right talent resources aligned with the company goals. HR leaders need to identify the right talent and number of resources to maintain equilibrium in the organization. Even a slight change in essential resources can affect the bottom line of an organization. As an HR leader of your organization, you have the responsibility to counsel with the help of data and make it an efficient organization.

Strengthen Employer Branding

While hiring the right talent is a critical aspect of the HR role, CEOs love it when their HR leaders work towards it with the right strategy. This means putting up the job post is not just enough; the HR leader should actively play a role in promoting the organization’s brand value. An effective employer branding is a must when it comes to recruiting the right talent. Recruiting is a continuous sales process, and HR leaders who embrace it early on are one step ahead of their peers.

Build A Memorable Onboarding Experience

As an HR leader of your organization, you need to own the onboarding process. Make the new hire aware of the workplace, take them through the company culture, values, and job-specific training. Let the new hire meet with the senior executives from each department to understand the company dynamics better. Create a flawless onboarding program for the new hires so that they don’t flounder later. 

Advocate Technology

You may argue that HR is a people’s function, and there is no place for technology. On the contrary, investing in HR technology can prove beneficial for you in the long run. If your current business strategy is focused on digitization, it makes a lot of sense to consider investing in HR technologies. If you think that any HR technologies will benefit the current business strategy, pitch it to your CEO. Just be sure to explain why it is essential and how it is going to help the organization.

Build An Engaging Workforce

While HR is meant to oversee policy enforcement, the primary role of HR remains to protect its people, ensure they feel safe, and build a workplace culture that is welcoming for all. While most HR professionals focus on building employee engagement, it is also essential to measure it. You may want to leverage useful tools like Gallup’s Q12 survey. Ensure to address the concerns as they arise and thus support the management to build an engaging workforce. Along with creating an engaging workforce, it is also crucial for HR leaders to offer feedback and coach the first-line managers to ensure employees are engaged and motivated.

Finally, if you think any particular business strategy is not working, don’t shy away from re-looking at it. Make it a point to meet with the leading executive team to understand if the HR strategy is aligned with the business strategy. When you provide services that solve real business solutions, you will be seen as a strategic business partner and not just a policy enforcer.

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