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11+ One on One Meeting Templates for Employee Engagement

By: | February 18, 2021 11 min read

As a manager, your next One on One meeting is coming up soon. You’ve already prepared a One on One meeting checklist and also read the One on One meeting guide, but are stuck.  

Without any One on One meeting templates to help, things don’t look great.

1 on 1’s only work if there is a constant exchange of feedback and action is being taken on the things discussed during the conversations.  

Well, here are 11+ One-on-One meeting templates that’ll help build a better relationship between managers and employees. 

One on One meeting guidelines: 

  • Figure out the employee’s current level of morale, work-ethics, stress, etc., and create strategies based on that. 
  • Track the status of goals. 
  • Understand the roadblocks that need to be removed for achieving the set goals. 
  • Focus on specific issues – employees, supervisors, or everyone who’s involved. 
  • Provide constructive feedback instead of vague feedback that has no value. 
  • Providing coaching according to the requirements of the employees is essential. 
  • Share information about the team and organization that’ll help the employees. 

First One on One meeting template 

A meeting agenda template for the first 1 on 1 conversation. 

Talking Points: 

  • Getting to know you’ questions. 
  • Understand how the employee feels during the initial days. 

Sample Questions: 

  • What do you like outside of work? 
  • What inspired you to take this job? 
  • What’s your favorite thing about your role? 
  • How often would you like to have these meetings? 
  • Let’s talk about the culture of our team? 
  • How do you prefer to communicate with the team? 
  • Do you prefer private or public feedback? 
  • What project are you really excited about? 
  • What’s your plan for the first 60 or 90 days? 
  • How can I help you to achieve your goals? 
  • What makes One on One’s important for you?

Weekly check-in One on One meeting template 

A meeting agenda template for weekly 1 on 1 conversation. 

Talking Points: 

  • Start with an ice-breaker to make employees feel comfortable. 
  • Discuss the learnings, results, challenges from the past week. 
  • Suggest solutions, give appreciation, and have a conversation with your reports. 
  • Set priorities for the upcoming week.
  • Focus on the development and growth of employees. 

Sample Questions:  

  • What are the key takeaways from the past week? 
  • What’s the most important task that you want to talk about first? 
  • How are the goals that we discussed last time going? Anything where I can help you? 
  • Let’s talk about where we can do things in a better way? 
  • Shall we discuss the list of tasks in the upcoming week? 
  • Anything else you’d like to discuss in this meeting? 

Quarterly One on One meeting template 

A meeting agenda template for quarterly One on One conversation. 

Talking Points: 

  • Results and achievements from the entire quarter.
  • Improvement plans for major shortcomings. 
  • How the team can do better going forward. 
  • 360-degree feedback, so you can integrate feedback from peers in the conversation. 

Sample Questions:  

  • What are the key takeaways from the past quarter? 
  • What are the major results from the past quarter? 
  • Are there certain goals that we couldn’t achieve? Let’s talk about that? 
  • Let’s talk about where we can do things in a better way? 

One on One meeting template for setting GOALS 

A meeting agenda template for setting goals during One vs One conversation. 

Talking Points: 

  • Career Aspirations. 
  • Goals (Individual, Team, and Company). 
  • Support Team. 

Sample Questions:  

  • Let’s talk about the company goals for the next month/quarter/year. 
  • Do you have any questions regarding goals? 
  • Let’s discuss your individual goals for this cycle. 
  • Let’s talk about your personal development goals. 
  • Do you have all the tools and training required to accomplish your goals? 
  • Do you know the colleagues who can support you to accomplish these goals? 

Skip-level One on One meeting template 

Skip-level one-on-one meetings help managers connect with employees that don’t directly report to them. These are especially useful for CEOs and senior managers. 

Talking Points: 

  • Work-Life balance. 
  • Strategy and vision. 

Sample Questions:  

  • Are you satisfied working in this role? If not, can you please share how we make things better? 
  • Tell me about some of your best and worst moments working in this organization? 
  • How can your team improve collectively? 
  • How’s your relationship with your reporting manager? 
  • Where do you want to contribute apart from the regular tasks? 
  • What do you think about the strategy and vision of this organization? 

Remote One on One meeting template 

A meeting agenda template for remote 1 on 1’s 

Talking Points: 

  • Priorities since the last meeting. 
  • Priorities till the next meeting. 
  • Challenges and feedback. 
  • Focus on results, not work hours. 

Sample Questions:  

  • What tasks did you work on this week? 
  • Recent wins and collaborations? 
  • Recent wins and results? 
  • Roadblocks, and how can we sort them out? 
  • Anything you need to work remotely with ease? 
  • How can we improve communication as a team? 
  • Are you getting the required support from everyone in the organization? 

Peer One on One meeting template 

A meeting agenda template for 1 on 1 conversation between peers or colleagues from different departments 

Talking Points: 

  • Cross collaboration. 
  • Teamwork. 
  • Communication. 

Sample Questions:  

  • What’s something we could change about our collaboration process? 
  • What projects do you want to get involved in? 
  • How can our teams work together to finish this project quickly? 
  • How can we improve our cross-departmental communication? 

End of year One on One meeting template 

A meeting agenda template for the end of year 1 on 1 conversation.  

Sample Questions:  

  • What’s your biggest accomplishment this year? 
  • What are the major results this year? 
  • What things could have gone better? 
  • Key learnings from this year? 
  • What’s your focus going into the next year? 

Exit interview One on One meeting template  

A meeting agenda template for One on One’s conversation during exit interviews.     

Talking Points:  

  • Ending things right and making it easier for the person who’s leaving. 
  • Take feedback so you can improve employee retention. 
  • Focus on improving the organizational culture.  

Sample Questions:   

  • Why did you quit this job? 
  • What inspired you to look for a new job? 
  • Do you feel you got the right support from this organization while you worked here? 
  • What are your key takeaways after working with us? 
  • Were you able to achieve your goals while working with us? 
  • What do you think about the culture of this company? 
  • How can we improve as a team and as an organization? 
  • Would you recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a new job? 
  • Final thoughts and feedback? 

Performance improvement One on One meeting template  

A meeting agenda template for 1 on 1 conversation to initiate performance improvement.   

Talking Points:  

  • Give constructive feedback that helps the employee with concerns. 
  • Focus on discussing and overcoming challenges. 
  • Follow-up continuously till the performance improves.  

Sample Questions:   

  • Let’s discuss what’s stopping you from performing at the peak level that you usually perform in this role. If there’s something, how do you reckon we can improve? 
  • Let me share my feedback with you. Do you agree or not? Please let me know your opinion? 
  • Let’s have a look at a Performance Improvement Plan that will work for you? 
  • What are the action items you want to focus on till the next meeting? 
  • Any progress in terms of results since the last time we met? 
  • Did my feedback help you improve your performance? 

Salary Review One on One meeting template  

A meeting agenda template for 1 on 1 conversation during the salary review process.   

Talking Points:  

  • Have a summary of the compensation structure in the organization. 
  • Results and achievements from the last cycle. 
  • Update and details of the employees’ work in numbers. 
  • Other relevant questions.  

Sample Questions:   

  • Do you have a number in terms of salary that you’re looking for? 
  • Why should we give you this X amount of money this year? 
  • Do you think your results match your expectations? 
  • Any other aspects you’d like to discuss or talk about in this salary review meeting? 

The modern approach (Conclusion) 

When it comes to their employee engagement ambitions, companies are struggling to find a balanced approach that combines both technology and human touch. 

Keka is here to help you out. With a mix of customizable templates, timely reminders, and intuitive UI, Keka’s One on One meeting tool will help you engage employees remotely. 

Elevate the performance of your employees now. 

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