One on one Goal Setting Checklist

Table of Contents

    Goals should turn into outcomes that are precise and quantifiable. The aim of goal setting is to assist you in breaking down your assignments, setting goals, and working towards achieving them. Goals may be short-term or long-term, but they should all have pre-determined benchmarks.  

    And according to a survey, companies that have a proper and consistent goal-setting framework are said to be receiving 31% more returns than those which do not have a goal-setting framework.  

    This one-on-one goal-setting checklist will help you to have a productive conversation and develop a structured goal-setting plan. 

    • Start with discussing the career goals of your employee to make them feel valued  
    • Identify how can their goals be aligned with the overall organizational or business goals 
    • Explain how these goals can contribute to business goals 
    • Brainstorm and sort them into meaningful short term and long-term goals 
    • Create steps to attain those goals 
    • Decide when to review the goals again 
    • Schedule the next one-on-one goal setting meeting

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