New Hire Paperwork Checklist

Table of Contents

    Now that you have found the perfect fit for your company, let us get over the boring documentation part and begin his/her journey in the organization.  

    A paperwork checklist curated for new hires ensures that every necessary document is sent and received duly with all the signatures. It helps in completing the work faster without missing out on the vital requirements.  

    Here is a list of things to tick off when you find yourself confused about the paperwork to complete before the new joiner puts his foot into your office.  

    • Create an employment contract and receive signed, if required, having the following details: 
      • Job information (Department, Job title, etcetera) 
      • Working days and hours 
      • Length of employment 
      • Remuneration and other benefits 
      • Employee responsibilities and tasks 
      • Non-compete agreement 
      • Non-disclosure agreement 
      • Time off policy 
      • Termination conditions 
    • Prepare and send an offer letter containing: 
      • Job title and department 
      • Name of reporting manager 
      • Benefits in brief 
      • Joining date 
      • Work schedule 
      • Length of employment 
      • Last date to respond to the offer 
    • Collect from the new hire: 
      • Copy of pan card, Aadhar card & passport sized photographs 
      • Tax declarations 
      • Declaration of income from the previous employer 
      • Personal Details 
      • Bank salary account 
    • Update the attendance register
    • Send to the new hire: 
      • A copy of the office map 
      • First day/week agenda 

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