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New Hire Orientation Program Checklist

Onboarding is a sequence of activities (including orientation) that help new employees learn how to be efficient in their day-to-day work and how their work contributes to the overall growth of the company. Whereas, in orientation, new employees are officially introduced to the company’s culture, mission, vision, and principles. New employee orientation should ideally take place on the first day or first week of the joining.  

When new employee orientation is done appropriately, it sets the foundation for a seamless onboarding process. Here’s the checklist to ensure you do not miss anything: 

  • Ensure you have already ticked off the new hire paperwork checklist 
  • Start with providing a welcome kit 
  • Give them an overview of the agreement terms and policies such as: 
    • Confidentiality agreement 
    • Non-disclosure agreement 
  • Inform them regarding the perks and benefits they are eligible with: 
    • Insurance plans 
    • Stock options 
    • Company policies 
    • Wellness programs 
    • Bonuses 
  • Arrange a dry run to explain what a typical workday would look like 
  • Provide an employee handbook or give access to digital resources 
  • Arrange for an office tour and walk them through all the common office locations: 
    • Workstations (For each department/team) 
    • Cafeteria/pantry 
    • Meeting rooms 
    • Washroom 
    • Nap rooms 
    • Gym 
  • Introduce them to all the teams 
  • Schedule meetings with their colleagues 
  • Arrange for a team meeting in a less formal environment 
  • Assign a mentor or a work buddy 
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