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  • Awesome UI for you
  • Your data is more secure
  • Handy analytics and downloadable reports


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  • Time consuming for HR
  • Hectic backend configurations
  • Lack of predefined reports

How do we support your success?

awesome ui

Awesome UI

Experience employee centric user interface, swift navigations and insightful analytics

Frequent Product Updates

Continued upgradation in features and processes will make your automation journey comfortable

Seamless Integration

Automate workflows with most often used tools, with quick API integrations

Attendance & Leave Management

Keka gamifies the time tracking and gives a beautiful interface for employees to monitor their time, so your managers do not have to do the micro management!


Multiple capturing schemes

Multiple Capture Schemes, with custom configurations

Restricted to only 1 or 2 capture schemes

Grace period configuration

Multiple policies are configurable with regards to the grace period

These policies cannot be configured in the system

Shift change process

Can track and view all the shift changes

Difficult to track shift changes

Auto shift change

Shift rotation will happen automatically as per the inputs

Mannual intervention is required

Attendance regularization notification

Email triggers and reminders are available


Continuous Geo-Tagging

Automatically captures location details at every instance

Manual punches are required at all locations

Back-dated shift change

Back-dated shift changes are editable


Payroll Management

Keka payroll software revolutionized the Indian payroll industry. We re-imagined and set a benchmark on how an enterprise cloud payroll software could be simplified


FnF calculation

Seamless, automatic and errorless calculations

Errors in calculation

IT delcarations

Old/New Tax regimes can be selected and calulations are automated accordingly

Complicated and confusing with tax regime and calculations

Salary deductions/arrears

Automatic payroll calculations can be previewed and edited

Calculated and processed automatically without any approval

Overtime reports



Other Important Features

Keka is all you need to build a good to great company. From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture


Asset management

Complete online asset inventory with reports


Preboarding and Onboarding process

Candidate data is captured in preboarding, the same data is synced with onboarding process and employee portal

Only onboarding is available

Digital signatures

E-Signs can be added in the portal to digitally sign documents


Email/Event triggers

Configure email/event triggers for every task within the portal

Limited email triggers for events

We are always there for you!

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We have been using Keka payroll for the past 4 years and never once we saw a bug or wrong calculation. Your team is awesome!

We have been using Keka payroll for the past 4 years and never once we saw a bug or wrong calculation. Your team is awesome!

- Ruchika Motwani


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Frequently asked questions

Keka's streamlined wizards and self-explanatory workflows speed up the implementation process. Some clients get onboarded without any support. But our Implementation consultants are here to guide you to be self-dependent on handling Keka on your own.

Keka is a highly customizable platform, and the sheer amount of features and importing prior data and validating it easily can overwhelm any first-timer. Most customers find our guided onboarding process a time saving and learning experience. Our guided configuration of Payroll, import of employee information, and past month salary information, costs a nominal setup fee.

You can cancel your Keka account at any time with no fees and there is no lock-in period. If you should decide to cancel, please understand we’re unable to offer prorated refunds. Your account will remain active until the end of the current billing period and you won’t be charged further.

The out of the box implementation of Keka comes with salary structures that are employee-friendly. In addition, we can also help set up your compliance for Payroll. There is no additional fee for this and it is covered in the setup fee. We can also recommend policies related to leaves, attendance, and other HR operations, but we strongly advise that you configure these to suit your business needs. We can always fill in with guidance.

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