HR Admin Officer Job Description

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    The HR and Admin Officer plays a critical role in overseeing the entire employee lifecycle and HR administrative tasks. This position is responsible for processing employee data, reviewing and updating organizational policies, and facilitating hiring. 


    About the Role

    Reporting to the Head of HR, the HR and Admin Officer provides administrative support to the HR department, collaborates with different departments, and serves the organization’s employees. 


    Job Brief

    We are looking for passionate individuals with a talent for fostering relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. As an HR and Admin Officer, you will coordinate logistics and administrative tasks, support the daily activities of the HR team, collaborate with other departments, and ensure employee support across all the major departments at (mention the locations, if any). 


    HR and Admin Roles and Responsibilities

    The key roles and responsibilities in this position are: 

    • Implement organizational policies and procedures to ensure compliance and alignment with company standards. 
    • Provide logistical and financial support to sales and events teams within specified budgets. 
    • Maintain records of office procurements, including equipment, vehicles, and other assets. 
    • Conduct monthly audits of office expenses and supplies, taking measures to minimize extra costs. 
    • Assist the HR team in organizing employee engagement initiatives, such as team outings, office parties, and social gatherings. 
    • Coordinate all travel-related activities for local and international official visits.  
    • Monitor the condition of office infrastructure, including buildings, parking facilities, air conditioning, electricity, water, and other office utilities. 
    • Support the recruitment team in ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for selected candidates. 
    • Assist departmental heads in setting team goals and aligning them with the organizational objectives. 
    • Assist the HR department in managing administrative tasks like compensation management, payroll processing, etc. 
    • Collaborate in creating training plans, conducting workshops, and arranging logistical support for these activities. 
    • Manage the exit process for departing employees, including full and final settlements, exit interviews, and documentation. 


    Skills and Requirements

    The key requirements of this position are: 

    • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, Business administration, or other related fields. 
    • Prior experience in monitoring HR compliance and implementing organizational policies. 
    • Knowledge of international and local labor laws to develop HR systems, policies, and procedures. 
    • Proficiency with HRMS tools such as Keka. 
    • Strong proficiency in MS Office applications, particularly Excel and Word. 
    • Familiarity with office systems and administrative processes such as visa processing and office licenses. 
    • Excellent communication and negotiation skills. 
    • Strong networking, teamwork, problem solving, analytical, and time management skills. 
    • Fluency in both oral and written communication. 
    • Self-motivated and adaptable to high-pressure work environments. 


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. What is the role of HR and Admin Officer? 

    An HR and Admin officer is responsible for all the human resources tasks such as recruitment, training, and employee relations, additionally overlooking administrative duties like office operations, facilities management, and compliance. 

    Q2. What does an HR and Admin officer do? 

    An HR and Admin officer oversees functions like recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, documentation, and administrative tasks, helping to ensure compliance, efficiency, and a positive work environment. 

    Q3. Who does an HR and Admin officer work with? 

    An HR and Admin officer handles responsibilities like working with employees, managing relations with external stakeholders, managing office operations, and ensuring compliance with organizational policies and procedures. 

    Q4. What skills should an HR and Admin officer have? 

    An HR and Admin Officer should possess strong communication, organizational, interpersonal, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Attention-to-detail, knowledge of labor laws, and employee relations management are also essential. 


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