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How does Organizational Culture Reflect on Your Hiring?

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“An Analysis Of Earnings Calls Since 2010 Shows That Mentions Of Organizational Culture Have Increased By 12% Annually” — Gartner

A strong organization culture attracts talent and more importantly retains it. An organization’s culture is closely intertwined with every step of attraction – selection – retention of a candidate. It is not uncommon to see performing candidates leaving an organization for its poor culture. Companies that practice positive organizational culture and take it seriously, build a strong brand image, and attract talent.

It is a culture that your company exhibits that resonates with your employees and customers resonate with. When you define your organization culture you also define your organization’s personality and brand.

Organizational culture is often described as the glue that holds an organization together. Hence, organizational culture cannot be overlooked when you’re recruiting. To begin with, an organization needs to articulate its culture – its values, goals, and practices.

Once that is understood, recruiters need to weave that in their hiring process. To attract the right talent, it is important that organizations pay close attention to their culture and what message it is translating to the external world.

Organizational Culture And Social Media

Having a social media presence is a great way to showcase your company culture.. Even before an employee gets recruited, he/she starts following an organization on social media.  Social media also helps to attract top talents.

Conveying the right organizational culture through your social media handles is very important. Portraying an inclusive and open work culture conveys a positive message about your organization’s culture.

Encourage Your Employees To Talk About Your Organization’s Culture

In today’s world of digital space, word spreads faster than fire. Let it work to your stride and half the battle will be won for you! Foster a positive organizational culture and encourage your employees to talk about it on social media.

It helps to build a strong brand image where your potential employees would love to work. It is little wonder why most software professionals aspire to work at Google.

Organization Culture And The Recruitment Cycle

Driving the organization’s culture is the responsibility of every employee. From the CEO to the hiring manager, everyone shoulders equal responsibility when it comes to nurturing your organization’s culture.

From the way a job description is written and published to the way a recruiter reaches out to a potential candidate, to the way you portray yourself on social media, organizational culture reflects on every aspect of your hiring.

Are your recruiters rude? Are they empathetic? Are they good listeners? What impressions are they giving to a candidate? All of these play an important role in showcasing the organizational culture.

Candidates often lament how the recruiters disappear after contacting them for a potential opening. Pay close attention to how you are dealing with the candidates. While your internal process may take time, keep the candidate posted. This portrays an open communication and transparent organizational culture.

Organizational Culture – What The Candidate Sees?

During an interview, a potential hire does not just arrive in your office for an interview but also pays close attention to the surroundings. From office setup to how employees are interacting with each other, every bit transmits how your organizational culture is. This plays a critical role in convincing the candidate to join your company

Organization Culture And The Millennial

Like it or not millennials value organizational culture more than anything else and influence it to a great extent. If your organizational culture is not up to the mark, you are bound to fail in attracting this super talented workforce to your organization.

Time For A Culture Audit

Once you consider taking organization culture seriously, it is time for you to do a culture audit in your organization that aims to analyze where your organizational culture stands and then take corrective measures to take it to the next level.

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