Thus, it is important to hire the most suitable candidate who can perform well enough to reduce the need for more employees.  To find such efficient employees, start by writing  great job descriptions

Job Descriptions – First Impressions

For many job seekers, the job description is the first thing they read to learn about a new role. In order to attract the most qualified and committed candidates, you may need to rethink the way you write job descriptions. One way to start is to break down the basic anatomy of a job posting and determine what information needs to stand out from the rest.

Job Descriptions are more than just a short summary, roles and responsibilities, and boasting about how great an employer and company you are. It is also about setting your expectations right and listing down the parameters.

Job Descriptions should be attractive enough to compel a potential employee to feel excited about the opportunity and apply for it right away. It should also motivate the employee to think about all the wonderful things that he can achieve with your company. However, ensure that it is a balancing act and not an information overload that overwhelms the applicant.

Here are 7 tips that will help you draft rewarding job descriptions.

Short And Comprehensive Job Titles

The job title should not only be attractive but also inclusive and creative enough for an employee to get drawn towards the job on offer. It should also be SEO optimized to reach the right kind of audience who might be looking for the role that you have on offer.

Thus, keep the title clear, concise, and consistent with the industry standards.

Also, remember, the key to your job title is not how creative or brave it can make you, but how it matches the rest of the job description.

Use A Uniform Template

Job description templates help potential employees know where to look for the information they seek. While drafting a template, remember to keep the candidate’s perspective in mind and that you need to offer value, not just ask for it.

Study What Similar Jobs Are Seeking And Calling For

Before you put pen to paper, look for similar job descriptions on the Internet to get a sense of what may distinguish your job description from the pack.

Writing a good job description allows you to connect with job seekers by differentiating yourself from your competitors, who are also likely to be looking for a similar applicant.

The best job descriptions simply reflect the importance you attach to good hiring and the specific measures to achieve it.

Decide What You Want To Talk About

A job description is a document that clearly sets out the requirements, duties, responsibilities and skills required to fulfill a particular role.

Write more about what “will-be” instead of what “could-be”.

Also, mention anything that is important to either party. Will there be a lot of traveling involved? Will they have to work in shifts?

Talk About Compensation

Finalizing on an employee and then letting go because the compensation could not be agreed upon is an unfortunate yet common phenomenon.

Thus, it would save cost and other resources if compensation is disclosed in the job description and any expectations that do not match could be eliminated at a much earlier stage. This may not be possible for every role. However, for roles where salary variation is not much, disclosing it upfront will save you money and time.

Mention The Location

Unless it is a job that is to be performed remotely, it is very important to mention the specific location of work.

This not only educates the potential candidate about the location but also helps in SEO rankings. A serious candidate would more often search for “Marketing jobs in Mumbai” instead of “Marketing jobs in India”

Visual Designing Is Important

Visual Designing plays an important role when it comes to ease of reading and understanding. Using the right kind of fonts and sizes helps to divert the reader’s attention to more important aspects and help him differentiate between different aspects of a job.

Do not forget to give attention to paragraph breaks and bullet points!

Everything aside, before an applicant reaches your career page, it is important that you can engage with them effectively. If you end up getting a lot of attention from the wrong kind of candidates, there are high chances that you will find yourself drowning in applications that are far from worthy.

What other things do you think are important while writing a job description?