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Employment and Hiring Policy Example

Finding The Best Employee For (Name Of Organisation) Is A Major Factor In Our Success, And Setting Clear Cut Policies Is The Backbone.

Once a successful candidate is shortlisted, an offer letter is sent out, stating the salarystart date and other terms and conditions of employment based on an agreement between the company and the employee. If the candidate chooses to join us, he/she will sign the document along with the designated officers from our company.

Once the employee is onboard, the employee goes through an orientation programme. One of the most prominent features of the orientation programme is the employee handbook which brings together employment and job related information. This handbook will be the go to reference on information about our company, the logo, how it is symbolic to the work we do, our employment and hiring practices, code of conduct, leave policies, confidentiality policy and exit policy.

Employment And Hiring Policy

We at (Name of Company)  understand how crucial a role its employees play for the progress of the organisation.  We understand how mutually beneficial it is to have skilled, self motivated and driven individuals who can join hands with us to make this a progressive journey.

It goes without saying that provided the right environment, training and exposure leads to increased productivity and employee retention. It therefore becomes extremely essential to find the right candidate for any post. This is where the employment and hiring policy finds an important place in the success of our organisation

Following are included in the policy:

  • Employment Contract Types and Work Timings
  • Equal Opportunity Employment
  • Selection and Recruitment Process
  • Induction and Probationary Period
  • Referral Policy

Employment Contract Types And Work Timings

Based on work timings, level of expertise and need of the position on a regular or occasional basis employees would be grouped under

  • Full time employment

Employees work at least (numbers of hours) hours per week on an average

  • Part time employment   

Employees who work less than  (number of hours) hours per week

Full time and part time employees can have work defined for definite or indefinite periods of time as determined at the time of joining employment

  • Contract Employee

Contract employees are hired for a specific time frame  at a specified rate of pay. The contract may or may not be renewed at the end of the stated time period. These employees are not considered a part of the regular workforce of the company as against permanent employees.

  • Trainee

The company from time to time may at its discretion and need, employ trainees.  Trainees are eligible for a stipend during the period of training but are not considered a part of the regular workforce. The trainee does not have the right to employment after the training period nor is obliged to accept employment if offered by the company

In keeping with the adaptive work culture evolving across the world, (Name of the company) will be rolling out flexi time and work from home options (This can be added or omitted based on company working).

Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

We at (Name of the organisation) are committed to providing equal employment opportunities, wherein there will be no discrimination of factors such as gender, race, colour, religion, disability. By this we strive to create a diverse environment for people to co-exist, work and thrive in. Discrimination on any basis will not be acceptable in our work culture.

Selection And Recruitment Process

External Hiring

(Name of the company) will always strive to adopt a fair and effective recruitment process. Although the process may vary slightly for different positions across the organisation, the aim of the process will remain unaltered.  The Company will strive to keep communication open and keep candidates informed about the process involved at every stage of selection and recruitment.  Thereby giving a fair opportunity to all applicants to work with us.

In keeping with the candidate’s privacy no background checks will be performed without their specific approval. However pre employment checks may be necessary to ascertain a candidate’s selection into the company.

Internal Hiring

The internal hiring process policy serves to look for candidates to fill open roles from within the organisation itself. At (Name of the organisation) we encourage our employees to work across different departments and locations which is in keeping with the employees’ career goals, based on qualification and experience.  We are committed to investing in our employees’ growth in the organisation and to expand their horizon of experience with us.  Here too, as with external selection and recruitment process, we will ensure an efficient and fair process. Hiring teams will work towards ensuring that the vacancy is well advertised within the company and maintain strict confidentiality when employees apply for the roles advertised.

Induction and Probationary Period

Induction begins once the new employee starts work at our organisation and will continue till they are fully integrated into the workings of the organisation. The existing staff members will support the new entrant to make his/her settling down a smooth process. Briefing about safety training, health and equal employment will be provided.

A probationary period of  (number of months) is offered to employees once they accept employment with our organisation. This gives the new employees time to familiarise themselves with the workings of the company. It also gives their managers, the ability to determine the new entrant’s effectiveness over a reasonable time frame.

Referral Policy

If any of our employees know someone who would be a good fit for this organisation, we are happy to consider. If the referred candidate is hired, the referring employee will be eligible for (award) based on the cadre of the new recruit in the company.   A referral letter will be issued to the employee and the reward will be payable once the new joinee completes (number of days) of service with our organisation.   We will ensure to fulfill our promise on the reward within (period of fulfillment). Please note that there will/will not be a cap on the number of referrals. When two or more employees make the same referral, the person who made the suggestion first will be entitled to the reward. This scheme is open to all employees across all departments. It will be necessary to route all your recommendations through our HR department to be eligible for the scheme and to facilitate maintenance of records of the same

Who Can Be Referred

(Rules for referral for eg. employees for permanent positions only, have not applied over the last (number of months) months, etc)

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