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A walk-in is a situation in which an individual (who may be a client, a potential employee, a potential worker who has come in for an interview, etc.) arrives at a location or workplace without making an appointment.

Many employers already do walk-in interviews, in which applicants will show up at the workplace and be met by the boss at a predetermined time and date. Many applicants have the opportunity to apply to be interviewed in a walk-in set-up. It also saves time for the company as they need to run a procedure for a large number of people quickly.

Benefits of Walk-Ins

  • To determine their effectiveness.
  • It allows them to satisfy a huge number of applicants in a limited period of time.
  • Recruiters get to see applicants face to face, which helps them assess on whether or not they’ll be a cultural match in the organization.
  • The organization’s time and money are saved.
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